June 14, 2016 – MPs compelled holy doors and construction sites to pay taxes on direct taxes in the next year, along with a tax return.

According to ISNA, MPs voted in the open session of this morning’s sitting (Saturday), and in the subsequent review of the details of the budget bill 94 in the supplementary paragraph of the supplementary paragraph two, the 9th note was approved.

According to this decree, the holy doors and construction sites of Mangal in 1394 filed a tax return and profit and loss account for the revenues of 1393 related to their shares in companies and institutions with economic activities such as industrial, mineral, commercial and services, surrender to tax departments and taxes. Pay it according to the direct tax code. The sources of tax revenues of Astan Quds Razavi subsidiaries are subject to this paragraph in the form of collective budget funds.

Also, representatives of the supplementary paragraph have approved one, according to which the Organization for Management and Planning of the country is obliged to apply to the budget of 1394 the organizations of free zones and special economic and governmental supervision and budget of 1395 in these areas in Appendix No. 3 of the total budget of 1395 Make the country

Also, the parliamentary section “M” referred to Note 9 for additional consideration to the merger commission. This clause is against the law of the program, which the deputies should approve with approval of two thirds of the votes, but this issue was not passed by the parliament. The deletion of this clause was also not subject to the consent of the deputies and was therefore referred to the commission.

It is stated in this clause that in 1394, the government is obliged to pay up to four hundred percent (4%) of the tariff for such goods and products, in addition to the duties received for the import of goods and cultural goods and handicrafts such as audio and video equipment and compact discs. And transfer the proceeds to the public treasury accounts of the whole country.

Source » donya-e-eqtesad.com