The IRGC’s accountability to the country’s construction plans demonstrates the greatness of the spirit, commitment, courage and vulnerability in the vast experienced squares and the ultimate goal of the Islamic Revolution. Supreme Leader

After the end of the imposed war, in 1989, the children of the revolution realized that the enemy had changed its way of fighting with the Islamic system and revolution and entered the economic and cultural spheres from the military sphere. Therefore, the Revolutionary Guards felt the other mission and authority. Based on the principle of Article 147 of the Constitution, and in accordance with the orders of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution (Ajmal al-‘Ali) to participate in the reconstruction of the country, part of his resources and his ability to build into the realm of the construction of the Islamic homeland Title of the construction site of Khatam-ol-Anbia (PBUH).

This collection, with the view of the mission of protecting the Islamic Revolution and focusing on the jihadist spirit, self-esteem and conscience, and in line with the 20-year vision document of the country and reaching the goals of the Iranian horizon 1404, with a resilient economy approach as an experienced, experienced and capable expert, has managed to employ contractors The internal and intangible assets of successful managers in the implementation of national projects in various disciplines such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, industry and mining, gas pipelines, road construction, construction of ports, sewage structures, and other projects. Converts a tough challenge for foreign contractors L is the logo “we can” to the most qualified for deliver in three decades despite sanctions cruel and arrogant, achievements Vrkvrdhay great in terms of prosperity, independence, self-sufficiency Vsrafrazy Islamic homeland acquired more than 1800 projects The Minister of Construction has successfully completed the construction of the latest methods, technical standards and project management in our home country, without creating the slightest disturbance for the domestic contractors, and by successfully implementing hundreds of projects for depopulation across the country, he has developed a Construction and construction of our beloved country.

Now the construction site of Khatam-ol-Anbia (PU) is utilized by manpower, committed and experienced, and with a large volume of equipment, machinery, fully specialized, advanced and specially prepared. Large and complex projects in the shortest possible time and with all standards. And the technical and engineering specifications, and the most appropriate implementation method, even in the form of EPC , and this capability has the ability to expand and support the Muslim, neighbor and friend countries in terms of issuing technical and engineering services.

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