The Revolutionary Guards’ engineering during the Holy Defense was one of the pillars of success in various operations of the Islamic warriors.
In those days, the Green and the Basiji specialist and committed as needed, to defend the territorial integrity of Iran in the conditions of severe physical conditions, under the fire of the enemy and in different areas, they began to construct various constructional, industrial and defense structures.
In 1989 , at the request of the Supreme Leader of the Supreme All Power, the request of the government of the time and in accordance with Article 147 of the Constitution, the IRGC entered into the field of reconstruction of the country as part of its engineering power under the name of Khatam al-Anbia’s construction site, To do one of his deliberate tasks to protect the achievements of the revolution.
Now Khatam-ol-Anbia’s construction site has more than a quarter century experience in designing, supplying equipment and implementation of large, national and strategic civil and industrial projects while attracting and educating elite engineers to the latest technologies, machinery and equipment, and the highest The technical standards and best practices have been achieved and, with its brilliant record of implementing massive national projects, is capable of any construction and industrial project at any rate, with any complexity in any region of the country, including in the most fragile and insecure areas in the shortest time. It is possible to design and implement all the standards and technical specifications with the most appropriate methods Iodine.

Roads and Urban Development
Water and power
Communication and Information Technology
Mines and mineral industries
Design, rebuild and manufacture of special equipment and machinery
Engineering and consultants

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