Commander of the Khatam-el-Namba (PBUH) headquarters, criticizing the fact that some do not want to enter the project to enter the Tehran-North Freeway project, said: “We are ready to accept 40% of the cost of financing the implementation of the Tehran-North Road freeway.

Sardar Abdullah Abdullahi, in an interview with the Fars News Agency’s economic correspondent, told about the arrival of Khatami-al-Amiya’s headquarters to the Tehran-North Freeway project: “Since I remember it, and about 25 years ago, the project started, but the completion of this freeway is still well It has not arrived.

He said: “What has been completed today is just about the topography that was simple and not so difficult.”

The commander of Khatam Al-Anbya (PBUH) headquarters said: “If there was a better interaction between the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and the Foundation of Oppressed Persons, much more progress was made today in this project.

* The government’s previous decree on the presence of Khatam’s headquarters on the Tehran-North Freeway has not been revoked

Sardar Abdullahi, in response to the question of why Khatam’s headquarters will not enter the 25-year project? “Unfortunately, the Foundation of Mostazafan and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development did not have any interaction with Khatam’s headquarters; at all, despite the fact that the station on the freeway of Tehran – the north, the price and quit was not accepted, they refused to enter the project.

The head of the Khatamul-Abbas (PBUH) headquarters, while emphasizing that the government’s previous decree on the presence of the Khatamulan Bay station on the freeway of Tehran-the North has not yet been added, however, are not satisfied with Khatam’s headquarters in the Tehran-North Freeway project; With this dilemma, it closes a national project, and this treachery is considered to be a country.

* They do not want the base, but the red carpet for the Chinese

Sardar Abdullahi, emphasizing that the performance of Khatam’s headquarters in a timely and high quality project has been proven to everybody, stated: Khatamulan Bay’s station launched and delivered a 160-kilometer high-rise freeway with just over 2 years.

The commander of the Khatam-el-Namba (PBUH) headquarters added: “When Khatam’s headquarters was located on the North-Tehran Freeway Freeway, four specialized teams (Ghorb) were equiped and prepared from the camp site, as well as tunneling, bridge construction and demolition teams in various parts of the project All the equipment was ready, equipment for the workshops was also carried out, but unfortunately the arrival of the station was stopped, and today the project does not grow much.

Sardar Abdullahi added: “With this system, certainly, parts 2 and 3 will not be done soon enough, on the other hand, we just slogans that the private sector and foreign finance will enter the project, which will not be operational.”

He said that when Khatam’s head agrees to invest 70 percent in a freeway, and has a financial commitment (the South Tehran motorway freeway), he said, but there is no such thing to do with the Ministry of Roads on the Tehran-North Freeway. While the Chinese company, which works out of our money for ourselves, red carpet.

* Preparation of 40% financing for the construction of Tehran-North Freeway / according to the plan

Sardar Abdullahi emphasized: We are prepared to accept 40% of the financing for the implementation of the freeway of Tehran-northern, to hand over the freeway to Khatam’s station and to finish and deliver it within reasonable time limits.

The head of the Khatami-ul-Bayba (PBUH) headquarters said: “There are huge capacities in the country that need to be used and the construction of civilian projects can be centered around Khatam’s headquarters, and this is the message that the Supreme Leader has been emphasizing over the years; Iran is a country with Experienced manpower, capacities and equipment, and day science.

Sardar Abdullahi continued: “Certainly, the proper operation of the base has been proven in all development projects, and although we have a lot of demands from the government today, we have not closed the projects.

The head of the Khatamul-Bayan (PBUH) headquarters (PBUH), emphasizing that Khatam’s headquarters in the tunnel has recorded a good record, said: “From this platform, I declare for the freeway of Tehran – the north of the large TBM tunnel drilling machines; all the equipment in construction We used Sadr tunnel today in Tehran ready to work.

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