On Monday, the 15th and 16th phases of the South Pars were identified as the most persistent phases of the gas complex by President Hassan Rouhani, which many experts and analysts in the field and oil believe that completing these two phases with the minimum use of external power indicates progress. The rapid development of our oil industry is toward self-sufficiency by using the cooperation of the IRGC and the government in the field of construction.

The development of these two phases began in 2006, and the major progress in these two phases was accomplished by 2013, according to Rostam Ghasemi’s report on the tenth government’s oil minister in August 2013 and on the eve of the change of government, phases 15 and 16 until then Approximately 92% complete. Yesterday, Roknaddin Javadi, CEO of the National Oil Company, said that the two phases were the result of three governments, five oil ministers and four managers of the National Oil Company, which had a total of 149 million working hours in the project. Is.

The most recent phase in South Pars gas field

In the opening ceremony of these phases, Sardar Abdullahi, commander of the construction site of Khatam-el-Namba (PBUH) said: Parsong Phases 15 and 16 are in fact the most recent phase in the Parsjnoba gas field, which has been exploited by the work of the domestic experts and experts of Iran.

He added: “Completing and launching these phases can actually prove our motto, and undoubtedly completing the refinery of phases 15 and 16 of the South Pars is a symbol of economic and self-reliance, because the foreigners abandoned the construction of these phases and did not believe that this time Take off the ground.

According to Fars, the Commander of the Khatam-ol-Namiba Construction Headquarters (PBUH) stated: “Completion of this phase and the opening of major and important phases in the Persian Gulf are a fiery thunder on the enemy’s heart, and the enemies of this specialism and the power of our experts in the oil industry are surprised. .

Abdullahi said that the phases 15 and 16 resulted in the deathless without incident, said the phase has been completed without loss and financial damage, and this is a great honor for the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Commander of the Khatam-el-Namba Construction Station added: “Undoubtedly, all the phases 15 and 16 of the Phase 15 to the launch and production of it using the capacity and capacity of the interior and to the might of Iranian experts in the complex of Khatamalanbayeh construction site (PBUH) Is.

Abdullahi said: With the opening of the 15th and 16th South Pars refinery, daily production of more than 50 million cubic meters of sweet gas, 77,000 barrels of gas condensate, 400 tons of sulfur, 2700 tons of ethane, 2900 tons of propane and butane will be realized. He continued: 125 million working hours in the 15th and 16th phases of the Persian Gulf, and did not cause any casualties. The head of the Khatam-ol-Namiba headquarters said: “So far, 16 billion cubic meters of gas have been harvested from phases 15 and 16, and more than 15 million The gas condensate barrel has also been extracted.

Abdullahi emphasized: Total Khatam projects will generate $ 35-40 billion annually for the country, and we hope to achieve the goals.

Less than a full year of capital will be returned

Renkaddin Javadi also said at the ceremony, pointing to the value of the products produced by these phases, said the value of the products of these phases since launch had been $ 50 billion in oil, $ 3 billion, which, by completing the capacity, will generate $ 6 billion annually from this project, and It means the return of the capital principle in less than a year.

The director of the National Iranian Oil Company said that the completion of the project and the launching of phases 15 and 16 in the 11th government cost $ 700 million, said the signing of the contract in July 2006 between the National Iranian Oil Company and Sepanir took place in 113 months Aside from the start of the project, it has cost about $ 5.5 billion to launch and complete 45 million people over the past 28 months in these phases.

Javadi said that, with the completion of South Pars phases, its production is equivalent to five million and 800 thousand barrels of crude per day, said: Despite the sanctions and prolongation of the project’s implementation time, the development of these phases has been done well and at current oil prices , The revenue may be higher than the revenue from oil production. He said that the construction of the interior was 70% in the implementation of the project, stating that this is the highest figure in the use of internal construction in a project, said that the share of construction in the South Pars gas phase was 67%.

Our intention is not to show

At the ceremony, Bijan Namdarizangneh, the minister of petroleum, said at the ceremony, the importance of opening the project during sanctions, said that because of the boycott, the cost of implementing projects has been multiplied, and these costs have been imposed on the country, while the implementation of the project is half that figure. But what matters is its implementation by Iranian experts and caricatures.

Pointing out that there is no long way in terms of lifting the sanctions, and we will soon see this great national achievement, he said: “We hope that by removing sanctions, better access to equipment, creating space for transfer and upgrading of technology, and lowering the cost of projects.

According to Shana, the oil minister stated that the opening of the project after completing the goal of the Ministry of Oil, said: “We do not intend to show, but the completion of projects is the main goal of the Ministry of Oil. He added that 150 million cubic meters had been added to the country’s refinery capacity over the past two years, adding that this would result in the fuel consumption of power plants in the country from 45% in 92 to about 15-20% this year (94) .

Zanganeh expressed hope that before the end of the 11th government, all of the South Pars phases, except for part of Phase 14, would be utilized if funds were provided. Also, by completing these phases, ten million tons will be added to the petrochemical feed.

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