Washington wants to contain Iranian activity in the region, independently of the nuclear agreement

A senior US military official said on Sunday that Washington intends to step up operations against Iran’s hostile activities in the Middle East, independent of the Iran nuclear deal.

The US is already carrying out operations in Iraq and Syria to counter attempts by pro-Iranian militias to settle in the region. American drones have notably carried out several strikes in recent months against pro-Iranian targets in the region.

Alexus Grinkevich, a senior official in the US Army’s Central Command (CENTCOM), which oversees the Middle East, has warned Iran of its belligerent tendencies.

“Don’t test us, our objective is to deter Iran,” the US official said, alluding to the attempts to build a regional alliance against Iran which will not be a “NATO of the Middle East,” but an information sharing structure.

Late last week, an Israeli security official said that one of the main issues in the meeting between Defense Minister Benny Gantz and US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Thursday, was the crafting of a reliable and robust military option against Iran, which would see the Israelis and the Americans acting hand in hand.

Source » i24news