The source, who did not want to be named in the news, added that the defendant was released on charges of blasphemy of 150 billion rials after being charged with knowledge of Babolsar police.
He said that the defendant seized various amounts illegally from the accounts of well-off bank accounts and deposited into his account, which ultimately the informatics department of the bank took note of this issue.
The source added that the defendant identified himself as the bank governor of Mazandaran after he was informed that the supervisory authorities of the bank were aware of his illegal activities, and from there the process of arresting and filing a lawsuit was provided to him by the police.
The source said, “The accused in his confessions said that he carried out an illegal withdrawal from the accounts of well-off clients to resolve the honor of his brother, who was borrowing from his bank branch.
He added that the brother of the defendant borrowed 150 billion rials from the bank branch for various reasons, such as being fraudulent, could not pay his installments, and 45 billion rials were debited with bank profits, resulting in his brother for Solving this problem opted for an illegal withdrawal from the customer account to solve this problem.
Meanwhile, the IRNA correspondent contacted the Babolar police force, who confirmed that he was arrested for embezzlement, saying they could not publish the details of the case.
The governor of Babolsar, in an interview with the IRNA correspondent, confirmed the embezzlement and arrest of the embezzler in the city.

Source »اختلاس-45-میلیارد-ریالی-در-یکی-از-شعب-بانک-تجارت