Rouhani to Raisi: Corrupted offenders are your friends

In the second part of the debate today, Hassan Rouhani addressed Raeesi and said: “If you were wronged by corruption in the case of 12,000 billion, one judge who was dismissed, and on one side was your fellow who fled and there is someone in his position.” Which is now in your headquarters.

The second part of the last presidential election debate began. In this section, each candidate answered a question that was selected based on the lottery.
Hassan Rouhani was the next candidate in answer to the question “What are the opportunities and threats of liquidity growth? What is your plan to manage this phenomenon? “He said:” I am answering the point pointed out by Reyes. Although he is the Imam of the day, and he is my dress, I did not want to say anything, but I have to explain.

He explicitly told Reese: He says why he went to the provinces in the last months, then he says why you passed the law, we passed the law beforehand, we went to work now, we are obliged to act as if you were familiar with legal issues. You do not want to defend the rights of people, although you say that you are reading the law. Why are you accused of trial and law? I do not have a brotherly promise with anyone, you do electoral work. If you were wrong with the corruption of 12,000 billion, which was a judge who was dismissed and on one side was your fellow who fled and his position is the one who is now in Your headquarters is, I did not want to say this because you started, I needed to tell you.

In the question of liquidity, Rouhani also said in the question of inflation, which should be controlled.

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