On the first anniversary of the incarceration that led to the tragic death of Mahsa Jina Amini, the Australian Government is imposing targeted financial sanctions and travel bans on four individuals and three entities responsible for the oppression of people in Iran, including women and girls.

This will be the first time the Australian Government has imposed targeted financial sanctions and travel bans under the recently expanded Iran autonomous sanctions framework.

Sanctioned individuals include police spokesperson for Iran’s Law Enforcement Forces Saeed Montazer Al-Mahdi who has repeatedly made intimidating and threatening statements towards Iranian women and girls for purportedly violating Iran’s mandatory veiling laws.

Targeted entities include Iran’s Cyber Police, which is central to obstructing freedom of expression through restricting internet activity in Iran; and Press TV, the state-backed TV channel which has broadcast the forced confessions of Iranians and dual-nationals who are detained and tried under politically motivated judicial procedures.

The Australian Government will continue to take decisive and targeted action to hold Iran to account for its egregious human rights violations.

Australia stands in solidarity with the people of Iran, especially the courageous women and girls who continue to demonstrate immense bravery in the face of ongoing repression.

We call on the Iranian regime to hold those responsible for the death of Mahsa Jina Amini to account.

Source » foreignminister.gov.au/