On September 9, 2022, IRINN (Iran) aired a report about the Arash-2 suicide drone, which participated in a recent exercise held by the ground forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army. The report showed the Arash-2 on display at an exhibit in Isfahan, and the ground forces’ General Commander General Kioumars Heydari was shown telling commander of the IRGC’s Khatem Al-Anbiya Central Command General Gholamali Rashid that it has a range of 2000 kilometers and is the best precision-strike drone that exists. In a September 11, 2022 interview aired on Channel 1 (Iran) about the drone, General Heydari said that the drone was specifically designed to strike the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa, and that it belongs to Iran’s “framework” for destroying the “child-killing Zionist regime.” For more information about General Gholamli Rashid, see MEMRITV clips Nos. 9099 and 8174.

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