Iran International Engineering Company (IRITEC) controlled by the Iran regime is working on projects in Iran with clients that are sanctioned/designated by the U.S. Treasury Department.

Subsidiaries of regime-controlled entity Iran International Engineering Company (IRITEC) according to their official website are:
2. BIDEC (engineering services)
3. PAMICCO (construction services)
4. IKA (Techinical Inspection & Surveillance)
5. IKA SAKHT (Equipment Manufacturing workshop)
6. IRIKA (Engineering & Commercial services) – Germany – Dusseldorf
7. IMECCO (Mining Consultant)
8. TAMCO (Equipment Supply)

ifmat - IRITEC group subsidiaries

IRITEC Group Subsidiaries

ifmat - IRITEC partners

IRITEC Group Partners

According to IRITEC presentation prepared by Marketing and International Affairs Manager – M. Nikousokhan, IRITEC strategic partner in Iron & Steel Division are:
– Iron Ore excavation: Simons (Canada) – Famur (Poland)
– Concentration & Pelletizing: Outotec (Finland)
– DRI: done by Our MIDREX licensee
– Steel making plant & CCM: SMS Group (Germany) – Tenova (Italy)
– Final products: SMS Group (Germany)

ifmat - IRITEC partner in Iron and Steel Division