Exposure: Qods Force operated a network in Europe against Jewish and Israeli targets.

The network is headed by Muhammad Negravi (Abu Amir), a Quds Force officer stationed in Syria.

Negravi recruited Ali Kaddoura, a broker of Syrian origin who handled dozens of sources, most of them European.

The network’s activity has been monitored from its initial stages. Among other things, it was observed collecting operational inteliigence on an Israeli embassy in Europe.

This is another example of Quds Force using proxies for activity in various countries.

Muhammad Negravi – AKA Abu Amir.

Handled Abu Jihad.

Dr. Ali Kaddoura – AKA Abu Jihad

A Syrian Quds Force asset recruited by Muhammad Negravi

Among the sources that Kaddoura handled:

Erika Kiss

Adrienn Boldizsar

Jose Luis Herrera Fuentes

Takacs Balint

Gabor Kormend