(November 16, 2017) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on October 12, last year during a provincial trip, criticized the “corruption in the banking system of the country” for indirectly referring to Parsian Bank, and gave people good news that the government has succeeded in exposing a major economic corruption. Prevent the bank.

The president then warned large stock buyers in Parsian that they would disclose them if they did not go to the banking system within two weeks to settle their debt.

Following the president’s speech, only two days later, Ibrahim Shibani, the head of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, announced that there had been violations of the Parsian Bank and the Development Credit Institute since a year ago, after violating the regulatory process and not paying attention to summons and reminders. The Central Bank dismissed the members of the Board in accordance with the law and established the competent authorities there.

Sheibani also noted that, in accordance with the law, no bank can account for more than 20% of the total capital to a natural person and a legal person. He explained that by doing so, the risk of a bank goes up first and the bank may not return; secondly, the general population can not borrow from the bank in its widespread form, and this is what the government emphasizes.

The head of the central bank, while announcing these legal justifications, announced yesterday that in an interview with the Islamic Republic’s voice and television, the Central Bank intends to dismiss the Managing Director of the Parsian Bank in an effort to address the concerns of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Was.

The government against the Corps!

Since the establishment of the ninth government, a different approach has taken to private and public banks. The continuous decline in the facility rate was one of the most important barriers to private banking activity, with the explanation that “the bank is a service corporation and should deliver people’s work and do not need to be profitable.”

Ahmadinejad said in his speech, without mentioning Iran Khodro, adding that one of the state-owned companies in a private bank had 29 percent stake: the company said it decided to sell its shares due to the need for money. . After this, some people have stated that we want to buy your stock. These buyers, who are two people, are over $ 1,000,000 in debt to the bank but want to buy the bank’s stock.

The president added: those who themselves want to buy 29% of the bank’s shares, have borrowed 290 billion USD from another private bank, paying 60 billion USD in installments. Interestingly, these people themselves owe debts to the bank for billions of dollars, they also have offered another guarantee from another private bank to buy shares, if this is not corruption, then what is corruption?

He said that the era of domination by some groups of interests and wealth has come to a stand and split privileges between them. He warned banks that they would be obliged to report the names of people who have taken large loans in the next 15 days because otherwise they will publish their names as representatives of the nation.

Aside from the President’s words and the reasons for the head of the Central Bank to deal with the Parsian and the credit institution of development in the economic circles, there were other rumors.

Abdullah Talebi, the retired CEO of Parsian, was a prominent economic leader and reformist figure. He dismissed, over the course of nearly a year, the deployment of the ninth government, to sharp criticism of the government’s economic and political policies, and the bank under his administration also opposed the implementation of some government and central bank directives, including changing the hours of work of banks and reducing profits The facility had resisted.

The Financial and Credit Development Institute was also run under the leadership of Heydar Mortohamemin Hosseini, chairman of Tehran Stock Exchange, during the presidency of Mohammad Khatami. The history of these two directors and their presence in the reformist congresses has provoked political encounters.

Unfinished story

According to many experts, Talebi was one of the most successful bank managers. The presence of 1.5 million depositors, 2 million users of electronic banking services, and finally the collection of 1,400 billion USD in the first four months of the year with less than 100 branches (total amount of collected state banks at this point was 1900 billion USD), deposits Shareholders’ profits were part of his success in less than 48 hours after the annual convention, the transfer of taxes in less than 72 hours and finally the recognition of the Parsian bank as a model tax exemption for two consecutive years.

The set of these cases ultimately led to the entry of the Administrative Justice Court and the cancellation of the decision to dismiss Tobi from the Parsian Bank’s Managing Director. The directors of this private bank and its board of directors, but preferred to continue the bank’s activities, decided to appoint Mohammad Ali Behzadan, a member of the board of directors and the deputy director of the bank as CEO, and Gholamhossein Asadi, an unregistered Parsian bank, as chairman of the board of directors. To review the qualifications and recognition of these individuals

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