The Iranian Revolutionary Guards said on Monday that “canceling the sanctions will pave the way for the export of military equipment,” stressing that Iran is self-sufficient and does not need abroad to meet its armament needs.

The Commander of the Revolutionary Guard’s Space Forces, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, said on the sidelines of the ceremony honoring one million veteran fighters participating in the sacred defense phase, as reported by Tasnim Agency, that “the program of the Islamic Republic of Iran will not witness any change from the previous one. Today, we are self-sufficient and if restrictions are lifted, the way will be paved for exports.”

Hajizadeh continued, “We do not need abroad to provide for our armament needs and we are self-sufficient,” explaining that “lifting the arms restrictions on Iran has several advantages, the first is to achieve a political victory and the second is to release Iran’s hand for exports, which is in fact a blow to America’s goodness.”

Regarding the threats of U.S. President Donald Trump and Iran’s response to them, he said:

“Trump tried his luck against Iran in the past. They have repeated such absurd statements over and over. As we saw their threat to hit 52 points in Iran in response to the missile strike on the Ain al-Assad base.”

Source » almasdarnews