The spokesman for the Iranian Armed Forces, Abu al-Fadl Shikaraji, said that Iran has transferred its technological experience in the defense field to Yemen so that the Yemenis can manufacture missiles and drones themselves.

“We transferred the technological experience in the field of defense to them and they have learned to produce missiles, UAVs and weapons in Yemen themselves,” Shikaraji said, as quoted by the Fars News Agency.

“It is not like we give them missiles from Iran. We have passed on our experience and knowledge to the Yemeni people,” he continued.

This claim by Shikaraji marks the first time that any Iranian official has revealed the specific exchange of military technology information between the Islamic Republic and Ansarallah Movement.

For years, it has been suspected that the Ansarallah Movement is using prototypes of Iranian missiles and drones; however, Tehran has previously denied providing weapons to them and refrained from elaborating on defense cooperation.

Source » almasdarnews