In 1989, the Iranian Ministry of Defense and Armed Force Logistics established the Defense Industries Education and Research Institute. Little information is available regarding the role of Iran’s Education Research Institute (ERI) in the nuclear program. It is cited in the May 2008 IAEA report as a “military-related” institute about which inspectors need to learn more. The report notes that “The Agency also needs to understand fully the reasons for the involvement of military related institutions in procurement for the nuclear programme.” The Education Research Institute likely coordinates and sets priorities for defense-industrial research within DIO departments.

The IAEA has not resolved its concerns about the ERI. The February 2008 IAEA safeguards report mentions allegations concerning ERI along with the Institute for Applied Physics (IAP), Kimia Maadan (KM), and the Physics Research Center (PHRC), all of which are linked to Iran’s alleged military nuclear programs. The IAEA also pursued clarification about the ERI and other entities because of attempts to procure dual use technologies. Iran explained that these technologies were obtained to complete studies, and for radiation detection. The current status of the issue is unresolved, as Iran has not allowed the IAEA to meet with the relevant parties.

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