The leader of this network is an Iranian named Hassan Sha’bani Galvani, a cleric who speaks Turkish and Azeri, and a former cultural attache at the Iranian embassy in Turkey.

ifmat - Quds Force activity in Turkey 1

Over the past few years, Subject has been a key QUDS Force facilitator for recruiting Turkish citizens, training them in covert activity, and directing them to carry out various tasks.

Subject is head of a religious institution in Tabriz called the Cultural Front of the Islamic Revolution of the Eastern Azerbaijan District. The offices of this institution are located at Maralan Junction, in the direction of Hafez, 5 Razi St. (a dead-end street).

In addition to its regular educational and religious activity, the institution serves as a cover for QUDS Force activity, particularly for bringing assets invited by Subject to Iran from various countries under the cover of religious activity.

ifmat - Quds Force activity in Turkey 2

In addition to his work for QUDS Force inside Iran, Subject occasionally leaves the country for operational rounds, particularly to meet with assets. For example, in July 2017, Subject met with a Turkish asset named Arif Sahintekin abroad, Due to their unprofessional behavior (which included spending the night with two prostitutes), the activity of Subject and his asset was exposed, and they were monitored and documented throughout the round of meetings.

ifmat - QUDS Force activity in Turkey

Subject’s details:

Full name: Hassan Sha’bani Galvani

Date of birth: 26 April 1977

Passport number: H37076663

Address: Baron Avac, Heshmati Alley,no. 34/1, second floor.

ifmat - Quds Force activity in Turkey 3