A terror cell of Quds Force operatives in Albania was recently exposed in a press conference there. Among other things, this cell led the attack attempt against the Mujahidin Khalq (MEK) conference in Albania, which was foiled in March 2018.

Peyman is an operative in Unit 840, Quds Force’s Terror Attack Unit, and is the head of the terror cell. As such, he is responsible for pursuing attacks against MEK and other opposition organizations.

ifmat - Quds Force Terror Cell in Albania Exposed Peyman

He has a number of subordinates, including:

Alireza Naghashzadeh

An asset of Peyman.

Former member of MEK.

Among other things, he was sent to collect intelligence in Albania on MEK members and facilities.

He lives in Austria, and changed his name there to Erwin Aram.

He visited Albania in March 2018.

Austrian documentation number: K1250382.

Date of birth: 13 July 1974.

Abdolkhalegh Malek Zadeh

An asset of Peyman.

He lives in Turkey and owns a business called Malek Petrol.

He has Iranian citizenship; Iranian passport number N42886891.

He led the operational cell in the failed attack attempt in Albania in March 2018.

In November 2017, he visited Iran for a round of meetings with Quds Force members, as part of the preparations for the attack attempt scheduled a few months later.

Date of birth: 21 April 1979.

Abdulselam Turgut

A member of the Turkish mafia, involved in drug trafficking.

He is in contact with Malek Zadeh, who liaises with Peyman.

He was involved in planning the attack against MEK targets in Albania in March 2018.

Date of birth: 27 May 1967.

Passport number: U06033508

ifmat - Quds Force Terror Cell in Albania Exposed