Hundreds of Iranian football fans have objected to the Palestinian flag appearing at a match in Tehran on Sunday with chants to “shove the flag up you’re a**!”

During a game between football clubs Persepolis and Gol Gohar at the country’s national football stadium, operatives of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) attempted to rally support for the Palestinian cause by waving Palestinian flags on the pitch.

Instead of sympathy, the Basij – one of the five forces of the IRGC – was met with chants from fans in the stands to “shove that Palestinian flag up your a**!”

Footage of the incident went viral on social media.

One X/Twitter user commented: “The Iranian people are incredibly heroic, God protect them from their miserable oppressors.”

Another said the act of defiance represented, “the bright light of hope”, while a third user said: “True Iranians will always support Israel! The Islamic republic is an occupying force.”

The backfired ploy came just one day after the terror group Hamas launched a land, air, and sea invasion on the Jewish state, killing at least 700 Israelis, many of them civilians, and kidnapping scores more.

Iranian government officials congratulated Hamas on its surprise attack early Saturday morning. The Iranian regime has long supported Hamas and other militant Palestinian and anti-Israel groups.

Source » thejc