The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps described the ongoing war on the Gaza Strip as the preliminary stage of the collapse of the Zionist regime.

Addressing a conference on the IRGC’s strategic plans on Monday, Major General Hossein Salami said the Al-Aqsa Storm operation that Hamas carried out against the Israeli regime on October 7 has exposed the enemy’s strategies to a “political and security earthquake”.

The IRGC chief said the subsequent war that Israel has launched on Gaza is “the first stage in the imminent dissolution of the fake Zionist regime.”

The Al-Aqsa Storm operation had a tactical aspect in terms of geography, but its sphere of influence is global, the commander stated.

“Everyone admits that today the Zionist regime has been defeated and humiliated, and Hamas has inflicted a big defeat on them (Israelis) single-handedly and without reliance on any other power,” General Salami added.

The IRGC commander also stated that the Zionist regime won’t be able to repair such humiliating damage no matter how desperately it attempts.

In remarks on October 10, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei pointed to the “irreparable defeat” of the Zionist regime in the epic that was created by the Palestinian youth, saying, “The cause of this destructive storm was the continuous brutality and ferocity of the fake usurper regime against the Palestinian nation. This regime cannot conceal its monstrous and devious face in the attack on Gaza and the massacre of Gazans through the act of lying or by playing the victim. By speaking nonsense, it cannot attribute the bravery of the Palestinian youth and their intelligent plans to non-Palestinians.”

The Israeli regime has been pounding the Gaza Strip for ten days. At least 2,750 Palestinians have been killed and 9,700 wounded in the Israeli airstrikes.

Source » tasnimnews