Iran supplied Hezbollah with equipment to upgrade its missiles with precision guidance munitions, according to U.S. intelligence reports. If true, the news would mean that the Hezbollah paramilitary terrorist group is now a much greater threat to Israel.

On October 16, at 2:04 p.m., a Fars Air Qeshm Boeing 747 landed at the Beirut Airport, allegedly carrying gps retrofitting technology bound for Hezbollah missile sites near the airport. The components would enable Hezbollah missiles to strike within a 10-meter radius of the intended target.

This apparent upgrade in Islamic terror capability is part of a trend leading to a massive and deadly change in Middle East stability. United States intelligence tagged this plane in April and has been following its movements. In July, it flew from an air force base in Tehran, landed in Damascus and then continued on to Beirut. In August, it again flew from Tehran to Beirut.

Over the last two years, Israel has carried out more than 200 strikes against Syria to keep Hezbollah from gaining capabilities such as this. But Hezbollah has already admitted to having precision missiles. On September 20, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said, “The resistance now owns precision missiles.” Hezbollah terrorists likely obtained the necessary technology from the Iranian plane in July and August.

On October 20, Seth Frantzman wrote for the Jerusalem Post about the increase in the accuracy of Iran’s missiles:

In the past, Hezbollah’s missiles have been relatively inaccurate. However, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has increased the accuracy of its own missiles in Iran. In recent months, it has showcased this accuracy firing Fateh-110 missiles at Kurdish opposition groups in Iraq in September and fired its Zulfiqar and Qiam ballistic missiles at [the Islamic State] in Syria. The attack in Iraq was able to hit a room in a large building, showing the missiles were very precise.

Previous to these strikes, the same Iranian missiles were considerably less accurate. This shows that Iran has augmented its preexisting missiles with new guidance technology—presumably similar technology that it just provided to Hezbollah. No doubt Iran would also attempt to give this technology to Hamas in the Gaza Strip and to Houthis in Yemen.

In his booklet The King of the South, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote about Iran’s strategy to use terrorism to control the Middle East. The booklet shows that radical Islam, led by Iran is the biblical “king of the south” (Daniel 11:40). “The king of the south is about state-sponsored terrorism. That is how Iran became king,” writes Mr. Flurry. “Can Israel win its war against terrorism? Iran and other nations keep arming the endless stream of terrorists. The only way to turn it around is to stop Iran.”

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