Soilmec machinery is used by the designated Khatam al-Anbyia. Company’s name appear in the section of Khatam’s website describing the equipment the company uses, where they explain “they use – drilling machine for construction of bridges, highways, tunnels, underground lines, railways, mining exploration fire pit, pit drainage, intubation, pile driving, rig tattoo, water channels”.

On the following pictures, everyone can see Soilmec machinery, on Khatam construction area.
ifmat-Designated Khatam al-Anbia uses Soilmec machinery2

The United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) says that Soilmec has a “full branch in Tehran which handles sales, customer care, technological assistance, spare parts and maintenance”. This citation was from Soilmec’s company website, but this text no longer exists on the Soilmec’s official webpage.
Now on the company’s official page, you cannot see client or office listed in Iran.
Is this because Soilmec consciously continuing cooperation with the designated Khatam al-Anbyia, despite being sanctioned?
NYC Times has reported that Iran is using an underground tunnel network to hide missiles and nuclear facilities.
Also Iran Finances Speedy Construction of Hamas Terror Tunnels.
Was Soilmec tunneling equipment used for building this network and are they aware of the damage they’ve done?

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