These days more than ever it has become obvious that the most important thing for Iran’s regime is its scramble for its continued existence.

From the propagandistic travels of the regime’s president Ebrahim Raisi to different provinces of the country, to the appointment of Revolutionary Guards commander as the provincial governors, the increase of the execution of prisoners without any excuse, its efforts to bold its missile and drone abilities to cover its air force weaknesses, campaigning to its northern borders with the Republic of Azerbaijan, canceling the Cyrus Great Day and preventing the people’s presence at his tomb.

Most important, perhaps, the cries of its Friday Prayer Leaders about the danger of the ‘hypocrisy’ are all the signs of a forlorn regime without any future.

The regime’s foremost struggle is to prevent getting involved with security issues, because after the November 2019 protest, if any new protests began, the regime will be not able to confront the people. The reason is simple after killing 1500 people, the fury of the people is aggregated, and any flip will be devastating for the regime.

The composition of the regime’s new ‘Young Hezbollahi Government’ leaves no doubt that the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei knows better than anyone else that his regime is on the brink of being overthrown.

Therefore, nothing else, from the economy, environment, the healthcare of the people, or education, is important to him, and his only concern is to guarantee the survival of his regime.

Ebrahim Raisi as the Supreme Leader’s selected president is playing the role of a firefighter who is traveling from one province to the next to extinguish the fire of the people’s fury with his so-called ‘Jihadi Management’ before it becomes late. However, according to Iran experts, it is already too late.

In order to have a more objective understanding of this issue, let’s look at the words of Ahmad Alam al-Huda in the Friday Prayers sermon in Mashhad:

“In very sensitive situations, the enemy seeks to conspire, to create a social crisis in the country and to carry out its own malice goals in this social crisis.

“The enemy plotted a cyber-aggression against the intelligent system of gasoline distribution and troubled the gasoline distribution so to create a rebellion in the people. Then this case would expand, the gas stations would get under pressure, people would not have fuel for their vehicles, and this would become a social crisis. (State TV Astan-e-Razavi, October 29, 2021)

Speaking about sensitive situations, he pointed to the anniversary of the November 2019 protests. Something whose fallout continues to affect the regime.

He openly spoke about his fear of the people’s uprising. He revealed how Raisi has left the foreign ministers’ meeting and rushed to gas stations in fear of the flare-up of social protests.

“Mr. President left the meeting of foreign ministers of neighboring countries and went to the gas station. He monitored the scene. Then he went to the Oil Ministry, to solve the problem which they have predicted to be solved in about one week.

“In this one week it would create crisis like the crisis of 2019 has created, and those problems were created, they were looking for such a crisis.” (State TV Astan-e-Razavi, October 29, 2021)

To cover the regime’s military weakness, he said: “Strong Iran has powerful armed forces in the region. The Islamic Republic of Iran will never be deadlocked.”

He attempted to console the regime’s hopeless forces who are witnessing the regime’s weakness. Nonetheless, at times he was forced to confess about the regime’s situation which is seeing its last moments.

“The enemy in the domestic arena has targeted people’s hopes [read the regime’s elements] so that people [Basijis and Revolutionary Guards officers] are disappointed so that sometimes in cyberspace some hopelessly say that nothing has changed, and the system is on the slope of collapse.”

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