On Thursday, November 1, Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei spoke about the war in Gaza in a meeting with a group of the regime’s Basij members, the militias affiliated to Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Khamenei once again showed that he is not only the worst enemy of the Iranian people but also the enemy of Palestine, Arab nations, and Muslims. He sees his decaying regime’s survival in warmongering and creating crises in the region. He demonstrated his indifference towards the killing of thousands and the devastating tragedy that has befallen the people of Gaza.

In his speech, Khamenei, shedding crocodile tears for the devastated Gaza and the thousands of Palestinians who lost their lives, said, “With a deep look at the scene, it becomes clear that the victors of this field are the people of Gaza and Palestine who were able to accomplish great deeds.”

What he truly meant, however, is that the real beneficiary of this war is his regime, which is using innocent civilians as shields to protect its own hold on power.

Khamenei then turned to reciting anti-American chants in support of Muslim nations and said, “The Islamic world must mobilize against the Zionist regime by cutting off economic cooperation with it. It should act with a resounding voice and insist on the immediate cessation of bombardment in fulfilling its important duties in this confrontation between good and evil.”
Khamenei demanded that Muslim nations “block the way of issuing oil and provisions to the Zionist regime and refrain from economic cooperation with that regime.” He added, “If Islamic governments do not help Palestine today, they have strengthened the enemy of Palestine, and tomorrow this same danger will threaten them.”

Khamenei has made the region and the world unsafe through the terrorist activities of his regime. Yet, he started lecturing the world about “terrorism” and “resistance” during his speech.

Ironically, Khamenei went to great lengths in dealing with western governments to label the legitimate resistance movement of the Iranian people, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), as a terrorist organization.
In light of such actions, can he genuinely speak about the legitimacy of popular resistance and present himself as impartial?

Khamenei, in his desperation to evade the devastating uprising of the Iranian people, has resorted to instigating wars and crises in Syria, Iraq, and Palestine, using them as shields. Can he truly claim to be a friend and sympathizer of Palestine and the Arab nations?

In response to such questions, which weigh heavily on the minds of the Palestinian people and Arab nations in the current tragic context of war, an Arab analyst recently wrote:

“The Iranian regime has achieved in less than 30 years what Israel could not accomplish despite over 70 years of overt and covert hostility. The Iranian regime, historically, has shown no real commitment to the Palestinian cause and has never demonstrated any assistance or support for the survival or refuge of Palestinians” (Source: Al-Arab newspaper, October 19).

Source » mojahedin