Muhammad Abd-Al-Hadi Farhat

Top Alert – Entity designated / sanctioned for terror, WMD and human rights violation

Farhat is designated for acting for or on behalf of Hizballah;

Farhat has been involved in advising sectarian armed groups in Iraq on behalf of Hizballah. As of 2017, Farhat was tasked with collecting security and intelligence information in Iraq and subsequently providing reports to senior Hizballah and Iranian leadership. Farhat has been involved in a project to analyze and report on the Iraqi security situation for Hizballah and the IRGC-QF;

Also Known As:
FARHAT, Muhammad ‘Abd-Al-Hadi
FARHAT, Mohamad


06 Apr 1967

RL 2274078 (individual)

Reason for the color:
» Added to the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list maintained by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on November 13, 2018 pursuant to Executive Order 13224 for acting for or on behalf of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps–Qods Force (IRGC-QF), and assisting in, sponsoring, or providing financial, material, or technological support for, or financial or other services to or in support of, Hizballah;

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