(2017 – Translated to English from yjc.ir)According to the political parties and political group organizations of the young journalists’ club, Mohsen Rafikvost, who was present at the ministry since the establishment of the IRGC in 1983. He is still a member of the Revolutionary Guards Corps and is still a member of the Board of Trustees of the Mostazafan Foundation.

Comrade Dosto spoke of many issues in a detailed discussion with our reporter. He emphasizes that “I hope that Ahmadinejad will not return to politics,” “Rouhani has not done his election slogans,” “Ahmadinejad has made many problems for the country,” “I am moderate and I believe that the axis, criterion, leader, leader is”, “If the Supreme Leader did not approve Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, they would not be appointed head of the Expediency Council,” “I did not like Ahmadinejad for the presidency,” “Babak Zanjani had forged a 10-billion-checked check-box worth 10 billion Tawaran, called the Cooperative Foundation.” “” If there’s an unexplained point about the war, then it’s not too long to say. ”

In the following, you read the full text of Mohsen Rafiq Doost’s remarks:

** How many children do you live in and in which region of Tehran?

I have three sons and a girl, I live in Pasdaran Street, martyr Dr. Lavasani Street.

** What are you doing right now?

In terms of government and government, I am a member of the Board of Trustees of the Mostazafan Foundation, but I am a member of the social work community at a large number of cultural, educational, health and medical services, some of whom are members of the trusteeship or board of directors, but in some of them, more active I have my own organization called Cooperative Light Foundation, which is the place of daily service.

** Where is your main source of income?

I have no income from any of the institutions I work for. Spending my life is governed by the fixed income that I had and still continues from before the revolution. The assets that I had before the revolution, I turned into the shares of the manufacturing firm, which earns a steady income.

** Describe your activity at the Light Foundation?

The Light Foundation has two parts that include the economy and the cost, the more we spend in the cost section. I work in the Cooperative Light Foundation for more medicine and housing, and one hundred percent of its revenue is for the cost department. We have covered a large number of families at the Children’s Cooperative Foundation, providing food, dowry, and much assistance in treating patients.

** What is your relationship with the market?

I am in contact with the market and I consider the genuine Islamic Iran as the best supporter of the Revolution and the clergy. Of course, I also have criticism, because the Islamic market should be the first word in the fair.

** Which of your students did you study at?

My daughter at the Shahid Beheshti University is a master’s degree in management. One of my boys has a PhD in philosophy, but I do not remember my university, and my other two are my graduate, and my four children work here with me.

** In your opinion, the revolution that Imam Khomeini has been implementing in the past 37 years?

With regard to some of the goals of the Imam, such as independence, we can say with courage freedom, yes, because no country in the world is independent of us, and in no country like Iran, freedom can be understood, but in other sectors, such as social justice, there are many things that must be done. be done.

In the social justice sector, much of it was done by the system, and many of the work was done in the direction of social justice, such as the Committee for Assistance and Construction Jihad, but from the viewpoint of the Imam in the economic sector, the executor of the economy should be completely human, and the state of the policymaker, the planner, the navigator and the controller It has not yet been implemented and, unfortunately, it still remains a major part of the economy of the state, and this does not correspond to the slogan of the revolution.

** Tell us about your fighting history?

Since I knew my left hand and arm, I was in the struggle and in everywhere, in the Freedom Movement, the National Front. Until the beginning of Imam’s movement in 40 years after the death of the late Grand Ayatullah Boroujerdi, I became Imam, and I participated in the struggles under the leadership of Imam, and until today I believe in this, and I will continue to believe this until I remain alive.

** Tell the days of war?

The world did not believe in the victory of the Islamic revolution. Before the Revolution, everywhere in the world, there was a movement as a revolution in the last century, against the East, supported by the United States or against the West, and supported by the Soviet Union, but our revolution in a country that won He did not rely neither on the East nor on the West; indeed, our revolution was at odds with both of these two poles, and there was a world in front of us that this revolution was heavy for him. Even Gorbachev considered the core of the Soviet collapse as the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The Americans and the West had plenty of conspiracies against Iran since the first day of the revolution, but they did not succeed. Their last weapon was the war between which the Soviet Union and the United States were involved. The imposed war on Saddam Hussein against Iran ended in a way that, at the end of the war, 11 captives were captured and we had about 30 countries booty. The whole world helped Saddam, even the reactionary countries of the region, to provide free loans and weapons to Saddam when the war began.

The war began when Saddam Hussein had organized the revolution two years after the victory of the army and, on the other hand, we had an army in which the military leaders stood in front of the nation and the army was dismantled and all the facilities were for the people.

It was betrayed in the army, which reduced the length of military service to one year, which caused the garrisons to be empty and also issued a decree. All the military should serve in their own city, which was not proportionate to the military. Directly or indirectly, in the direction of the enemy, and was attacked in this situation.

According to the constitution, the IRGC was formed to protect the revolution and its achievements and was not created for the war. We were engaged in equipping the IRGC and identifying the dimensions of the war. It was our duty to immediately enter the whole of the IRGC, and then we entered the war using the popular mobilization. .

Before the war, I was responsible for the support and logistics troops, and during the war I became minister. During the war there was a support of the IRGC in all its dimensions, until the war ended, I believe that the end of the war was good because it became a great invincible regional force. we were.

** Tell your presence in the battle?

I had been on the front for nearly 53 months since the 8th anniversary of the Sacred Defense, and before all the operations, I was on the front with regard to my responsibilities, and even the operations ended, I was on the front to collect our facilities and prepare for the next operation. Before the minister, I was in charge of the IRGC’s preparation, but I was in charge of becoming a commander of the Logistics Command of the Revolutionary Guards in the war, and as I was commanding the IRGC commanders, I was doing well with my mission.

** Why did you go to the Mostazafan Foundation?

This is a prelude to the end of the war, the way the IRGC was fighting the command was to define, identify, and designate, and I gave the person I was responsible for supporting, and I also provided the available facilities and the operations were done on the specified date. .

When I was told to be a minister and no longer to support the war, Ayatollah Hashemi told me that the government is slogging the war but it does not go into war and I want to put the ball on the government ground, and if you are the Minister, you are afraid of war and never I do not say anything to Mohsen Reza’i and the war continues. So I went to the ministry and within a two month period the resolution was drafted.

At the Office of the Supreme Leader, then President, the late Hajj Ahmad Khomeini came to read the letter of acceptance of the resolution, and I sat next to the cleric of the current President, then Deputy Assistant Secretary of Ayatollah Hashemi, until it reached the resolution that the ceasefire And he said that you would not go to war for the time of peace, and two months later, the parliament should give the cabinet a new vote that did not trust me and I left the ministry.

Immediately following the story of Imam Khomeini and the leader of Ayatollah Khamenei, who was at the time of the construction of Imam Khomeini’s Husseinieh, which was the venue for the speech of the Supreme Leader, it is interesting to note that this site was built in a short time in 61 days with popular contributions. At that time, Shamkhani became the minister and elected me as the head of the IRGC.

Before I go to the Veterans’ Foundation, which is the foundation of the oppressed people, my hometown asked me because a request was made by the prime minister from Imam that the martyr Foundation was not able to administer the family of martyrs and veterans and was commissioned by the Imam of the Mostazafan Foundation to solve the problem of the devotees. Then he told you to take the children you took yourself to the front and you gave them the present and it was that I went to the foundation of the oppressed.

** Why did not the parliament vote for you?

I should ask the parliament, but if there was a vote of confidence in the law today, I would have voted in favor of voting in favor of positive votes, and I did not vote with a dissenting vote that was Napoleon.

Those who disagreed with my colleagues put forward some words, but they were some of the most prominent members of the community, so I took the book of my performance in parliament, but in the meantime I defended my colleagues and it did not matter to me what a number of delegates said, if instead Defend your colleagues. Read our performance. We voted for you.

For seven years when I was a minister, one day I did not understand what the minister meant, whether it is today or not. We were three ministers who did not vote in parliament, but after the Friday prayers ceremony of this week, the Supreme Leader, who was Friday Imam, spoke about eight to seven minutes about the servant who embarrassed me. He regretted that the parliament did not vote for a servant, but I was happy and had no negative effect on me.

** Why have you not been nominated for Parliament and the Presidency?
I always believed that famine in our country is not fair-minded, it is in fact unholy because many good people do not know people and even the elders; I always thought that it was better for me as a lawyer and presidency, so I never felt that a sinister candidate , Especially now that I am at an age that I can not participate in the elections.

** If you had the conditions for the election, would you attend?

I never felt that I needed to be a candidate, I often talked to a presidential candidate, but instead I answered that I was not involved with some of the people who are right. In the case of the parliament, I also referred to a servant, but the answer was that there are people far above my level who have to be nominated. Many times I think of a set of delegates that they could have been better off than those in parliament.

** Who were the presidential candidates that you preferred not to attend?

In the era when Ayatollah Hashemi, the head of the government for reform and Nutz-Nouri was a candidate, I preferred not to attend, especially as a period when nominees and head of the reform government were nominated, there was a lot of talk about being a candidate.

** Why did you quit politics?

“Who said that I quit?” Being in politics does not require political writing. I am interviewing, talking, interviewing, and, most of all, contacting the authorities and giving my points of view and criticism.

I did not withdraw from politics, because the day I entered the Army, I was considered a member of the armed forces and I am still in the military, not retired and also ineligible, so I immediately find myself in the realm of politics, because a military must be in political categories But to know the policy and give his views.

** When you entered Imam Khomeini in Iran, were you your driver, tell them those days?

Imam Hussein introduced himself as the leader of the religious community in 1340 after the death of the Grand Ayatullah Boroujerdi, and I was one of the first to serve in Qom.

Three days before they were deported, I contacted them, even though they were exiled to Najaf and Paris, but on January 12, after 14 years of our visit, we visited and piloted them.

** When did you come to meet Mr. Taleghani?

With the late Ayatullah Taleghani I’ve been familiar with many years, I can not tell it precisely, but the familiarity with this was that Ayatollah Taleghani was the predecessor of the Hedayat mosque and one of the militant clergymen old, and anyone who had a religious and spiritual struggle was unconsciously absorbed into his circle Been.

My acquaintance with Ayatollah Taleghani lasted for about 36 years, and he was well known to a servant. In the 55th year before the revolution, I went to jail, I was half the time of the prison, and I was in the same room, and then I was closely connected with the Revolution, even when he was not angry with his servant, even when, because of a problem that came to his son and he violated the Revolutionary Guards, I went to discuss his service and provided some explanations. As the Imam said, Ayatollah Taleqani was the winner of Islam and the owner of Ashtar Time, and was very fortunate, fighting and tireless.

** Mr. Rafiqdoust, from the late Assargaroladi, Mutafeh and your contact with this party?

The creation of Mu’tafeh in 41 years and the Imam created a mutaplea in a special way. When the Imam resurrected against the Taliban government, the properties were known to some of the ulama of the Imam, but they did not know the masses of their people, which was due to the authority of the Grand Ayatullah Boroujerdi, and they did not want to have an external appearance.

When Ayatollah Boroujerdi died, Imam Khomeini ordered several people in Tehran and Isfahan and … to say that in the mosques where the clerics are prominent between the prayers of the Maghrib and Isha, “when believers come to Qom, they will come to Hajjah Rouhollah too.”

After this call, some people went to Imam Khomeini in Qom, when I was servant with others and when they came to Imam Khomeini, they gathered them together saying that you have to unite and the name of Mutlafeh to propose The Imam was introduced as well as the 30-member council, each of whom would select 10 people for themselves and continue to form regular subscriptions, even Motalefi repeatedly frightened the system, so that one night between 8 and 11 At night, more than 100,000 declarations fell at home, so the device was very scared.

Motafeh’s board was formed and I was a member of this board. Before the revolution, Mottafeh was beaten and shut down by the regime, but after the revolution I was not a military man. I was in the motelefa board under the martyr of Iraqi people and I was in close contact with Asadollah Badamchian and Abolfazl Tavakoli Bina and Asgharvalladi.

I met with the martyr Iraqi motility from the very beginning, and even when he was imprisoned, I went to visit him, but getting acquainted with the conservatives before the revolution, but when I went to jail, he was released from prison.

Near the Revolution, when I was released from prison, I contacted him, and my connection was very close to the day he died. I accept him as an excellent professor and he is one of the great politicians. In the human society, I have not seen the universality of the universe, the human being was devout, unfair and free of all worldly interests.

In my will, I do not borrow, do not owe money, I do not owe money because I do not have the money to make it for one third. I have a house where my brother hated me and I live in it, if it is left to him, be divided between the heirs, otherwise give back. In spite of the many social facilities he had, his condition was as follows. Aside from the Relief Committee and many of the wealth that were beneficial, it was provided by the people who accepted it, but it was an Independent Relief Committee. Hence, some of her close friends want to set up charity called Ashurawladi to perform his favorite essay.

** Describe how to form the IRGC on the orders of Imam Khomeini?

Before the Imam’s historical decree was issued for the formation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Martyr Mohammad Montazeri, who had come to Iran before the Imam, chose some people and held a meeting in which he said that “our revolution is a new phenomenon, Victory “as well as” the revolution wants to stay a guard. ”

Before the arrival of Imam, I was attending Montazeri meetings every single night, but with the arrival of Imam and the responsibilities that I found on that day, I could not go to the meetings anymore.

It took some time since February 12th to the day I went home for the first time after a long time, but I think that on March 9, 1977, at Alawi’s school, where the Imam’s residence was, they called the slave and entered the school yard I saw that the deceased martyr Beheshti, Martyr Motahari, Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebili, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani and the Supreme Leader stood up and said that you should take your jobs and go to the garrison of Abbasabad, because Imam ordered the formation of the Revolutionary Guards under the interim administration.

I immediately got into the car and went there, there were some people who were the majority of the foreign fighters, how many people were from Iran and how they formed the army, and told the people who were there that my servant from the side The gentlemen (mentioned above) have come.

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