Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed himself freely on Wednesday and issued a series of heated remarks against Trump, even going so far as to equate the American commander-in-chief to deceased Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

During a Cabinet meeting, Rouhani stated that Trump would likely suffer a fate similar to that of Hussein, who had waged a yearslong war against Iran in the 1980s and was later hanged in 2006 for his role in the 1982 Dujail massacre.

“The fate of US President Donald Trump will not be better than Saddam Hussein,” Rouhani said in comments obtained by the Fars News Agency. “We had two crazy creatures in history who imposed war on the people. One was Saddam, and the other was Trump.”

“Saddam imposed military war, and Trump imposed economic war on us,” he continued, before noting that Iran was “united during the war and defeated Saddam.” He added, “We also witnessed the day when that madman was executed.”

As for the US’ sanctions against Iran, Rouhani stated that the country “did not let this economic war reach its goal.”

Source » almasdarnews