Tehran: After successfully building a network of drones in the Middle East, Iran is preparing to build an integrated missile network. Iran is building a network by providing missiles and their technology to Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, Islamic Jihad, Houthis in Yemen and Hashd in Iraq. Iran’s pro-government media appeared to warn the US, Israel and other US allies in the Middle East by announcing it.

In the war with Iraq in the 1980s, Iran’s military missiles proved very ineffective. Iran then started building its missile program with the help of Soviet Russia and China. Today, Iran is the only country in the Middle East equipped with both missile and drone technology. Besides, the Middle East and Arab nations still depend on the US and other countries for missile defence. Therefore, Iran’s government-affiliated media are claiming that Iran has taken a big lead in this field on the front of missiles and drones.

Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, considered the father of Iran’s missile program, had set up a missile unit for Hezbollah in Lebanon in the 1980s, Tehran Times reported. The Iranian newspaper claimed that Hezbollah responded successfully to Israel because of its efforts. At the same time, this newspaper published the information that Iran has armed terrorist organizations like Hamas in Gaza Strip, Islamic Jihad and Hashd in Iraq and Houthi rebel organizations in Yemen.

Another news agency in Iran claimed that Iran had supplied missile manufacturing technology to its ‘Resistance Front’ in the Middle East. This ‘Resistance Front’ includes Iran-affiliated Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Assad regime in Syria and Iran-affiliated organizations in Iraq. Hezbollah using Iranian-supplied missiles in the 2006 war with Israel drew worldwide condemnation. The news agency said that Hezbollah has since increased the lethality of its missiles with the help of technology provided by Iran.

The news agency pointedly mentioned that the Syrian Army, like Hezbollah, had used these missiles in anti-terrorist operations and the Houthis in Yemen for attacks on Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Earlier, Iran had built its network of drones. Both media claim that Iran has established a network of drones in Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. Soon Iran will build an integrated network of missiles in the Middle East with the help of its ‘Resistance Front’. If this happens, Iran’s security can be challenged by the US, Israel and the US allies in the Middle East, the Iranian media claims.

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