In the Iranian month of Azar, which spans from November 22 to December 21, the grim reality of Iran’s human rights situation has reached a distressing milestone.

For the second consecutive month, the number of criminal executions has surpassed 100, marking a deeply alarming trend.

This surge in executions appears to be a harsh response from the authorities to the growing protests and uprisings within the Iranian populace, a method employed to instill fear and suppress dissent.

Within the past 30 days alone, the execution machine orchestrated by the authorities led to the death of at least 102 individuals.

The preceding month of Aban witnessed a similarly shocking figure of 106 recorded executions, underscoring a persistent and distressing pattern.

It is crucial to note that the actual number of executions is likely higher than the officially reported statistics, indicating a deeply concerning situation.

Among the victims of these executions are political prisoners associated with the MEK, Sunni compatriots, individuals linked to the 2019 and 2022 uprisings, and young rebels.

Shockingly, at least 21 Baluch citizens, two individuals who were minors at the time of their alleged crimes, and a highly decorated athlete ranked third in Asia for desert running were among those executed.

Recent instances of executions include the hanging of Karamollah Lorestani and Hossein Papi in the central prison of Khorramabad on December 23. On December 21, Mohammad Saleh Emami was hanged in Taybad prison, and Mojtaba Ayyami met a similar fate in the central prison of Qom.

Additionally, on December 20, two prisoners were executed in the central prison of Ardabil, vividly illustrating the ruthlessness of the regime’s judiciary.

Disturbingly, Yahya Ebrahimi, a parliament representative from Delfan, revealed on December 23 that one to two thousand compatriots in the city of Delfan are currently sentenced to death and are in the execution phase.

While the criminal prosecutor of Delfan, Younes Azadpour, attempted to downplay these figures, attributing them to unofficial sources, the gravity of the situation cannot be ignored.

In the midst of these deeply troubling developments, the death sentence for Reza Rasaei, a participant in Iran’s 2022 anti-regime protests, has been officially confirmed by the 17th branch of the Supreme Court.

Convicted of murdering Nader Bayrami, the head of the intelligence organization of the regime’s IRGC in Sahneh, Kermanshah province, Rasaei’s case has sparked widespread reactions on various social networks.

Rasaei’s conviction, rooted in ‘forced confessions obtained during the interrogation,’ raises serious concerns about the fairness of the legal process.

Nader Bayrami lost his life on November 18, 2022, during a protest in Sahneh city, and approximately a week later, Rasaei was arrested along with 10 other citizens for participating in the protest rally.

Despite Rasaei’s absence from the published pictures of the event, severe torture during his arrest and interrogation resulted in multiple fractures and injuries.

Amnesty International issued a warning about his imminent execution, highlighting the lack of evidence, witnesses, or documentation supporting his alleged crime.

In addition to Rasaei, others facing confirmed death sentences include Mojahed Korkur, accused of murdering 9-year-old Kian Pirfalak during the 2022 uprising.

Despite conflicting accounts and the rejection of accusations by Kian Pirfalak’s father, Mojahed Korkur faces serious charges related to the death of seven people, including Kian Pirfalak.

These distressing developments underscore the urgent need for international intervention. The United Nations, relevant international bodies, the European Union, and member states must intervene promptly.

Immediate measures are crucial to halt the execution machine and prevent the massacre perpetrated by the Iranian regime, thereby saving the lives of thousands of prisoners on death row.

Furthermore, an international fact-finding mission to visit Iranian prisons is imperative to shed light on the gravity of the situation and address the alarming human rights violations occurring in Iran.

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