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Logo / ImageNameStatusActivitiesCountry
ifmat-blackcompaniesOje Parvaz Mado Nafar CompanyTop Alert – Entity designated / sanctioned for terror, WMD and human rights violationOje Parvaz Mado Nafar Company have procured UAV engines for the IRGC Navy and entities supporting weapons development for the Iranian military, including Iran’s Qods Aviation Industries (QAI) and Aircraft Manufacturing Industries (HESA), which is a U.S.-sanctioned company that has provided UAVs to the IRGCIran
ifmat-blackcompaniesAbdollah MehrabiTop Alert – Entity designated / sanctioned for terror, WMD and human rights violationIRGC Brigadier General Abdollah Mehrabi (Mehrabi), as chief of the IRGC ASF Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization (SSJO), has procured UAV engines for the organization from Oje Parvaz Mado Nafar Company (Mado Company)Iran
ifmat-blackcompaniesIran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries (IAMI)Top Alert - Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entitiesOwned by MODAFL and controlled by IRGCIran
ifmat - IRGCNavyIRGC NavyTop Alert - Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entityControlled by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)Iran
ifmat - IRGC-logoIRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard CorpsTop Alert - Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entitiesInvolved in planning and support for terrorist acts and groups, personnel sanctioned for missile and nuclear proliferation activitiesIran