(Translated to English from farsnews.com – A Possible Change in the Composition of TCI’s Board of Directors – May 17, 2016) – According to Article 28 of the Telecommunication Company of Iran, the General Assembly of the General Assembly of the Extraordinary General Shareholders to complete the board of directors of this company and other matters that are in the competence of the General Assembly is wonderful; morning This Tuesday is formed this week.

Today, with the message of the market observer, the symbol of Iran’s telecommunication network was suspended in order to hold the assembly.

Reports indicate that, given the unwarranted absence of government representatives and equity shares in the telecom company’s board meetings, this extraordinary forum will be held to decide on the real representatives of these two legal entities.

According to Article 30 of the Telecommunication Company Statute, due to the continued absence of two persons from the Board of Directors, the General Assembly should be formed and the number of members must be completed.

At the same time, in accordance with the law of trade, in the absence of 4 unwarranted meetings, and the absence of 6 sessions, alternately, each member of the board of directors shall be deemed to be the resignation of that member.

In the composition of the board of directors of the telecommunication company of Iran, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the equity of each shareholder owns 20% of the company’s shares with a 50% share plus a share of the Trust Development Company.

According to Fars, the latest composition of the telecom company board that was announced to the Stock Exchange on May 19th, Mohammad Reza Modarres Khaybani, representing Shahriar Mehestan, Seyyed Mostafa Seyed Hashemi, on behalf of Mobin’s electronic development, Nasrollah Jahangard From the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Baqaee, a representative of the development of trust Mobin and Mohammad Roohollah, also representing the equity investment company of Isfahan Province, rely on five chairs of the Telecommunication Directors Group, who are Seyyed Asadullah Dehnad as Managing Director This combination has been stacked for less than 5 months The principle has been forty times.

The extraordinary telecommunication conference will be held this week to decide on new government deputies and equity shares in the board’s board, which is based on news from some sources aware of the many possible constraints on this forum.

The collective change of all board members, or even the introduction of a new CEO or a one-sided major shareholder with a 50% shareholding in continuation of cooperation with former board members is part of this possibility that will be clear for shareholders on Tuesday this week. Became

The telecommunication company of Iran, on October 5, 2009, was purchased by the Consortium Etemad Mobin 50 plus one percent of the shares of the Iranian Telecommunication Company for a value of 7800 billion USD.

The Trust Consortium consisted of three Mobin Iran Electronic Development Company and Shahriar Mehestan Co. belonging to the IRGC Cooperative Foundation and Trust Development Investment Company belonging to the Executive Command of Imam Khomeini.

Since the coming into office of the eleventh government, the subject of telecommunications and telecommunication tariffs has been the subject of controversy between the government and the owners of the controlling stock of the company with a capital of 4 587 billion and 365 million and 565 thousand and 200 USD respectively.

According to Fars, the General Assembly of the General Assembly will be extremely interested in the owners of shares in the Telecommunication Company of Iran, in order to complete the board of directors of the company, will be held at 9:00 am on Tuesday, 10th of September, 2009 at the Tehran Center for Productivity and Human Resources Studies.

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