Risk Level:
89% May harm your business future;

This entity is connected with designated / sanctioned entities who are helping Iranian Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD

High Alert – Entity affiliated with Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entities

Ebrahim Khodabandeh is an agent of the Iranian regime who, in the name of the director of the “Nejat Society” in Iran, professionally serves the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) in suppressing and intimidating the families of the PMOI – MEK members;

“Nejat Society” is one of the branches of the infamous Ministry of Intelligence of Iran. As stated in the MOIS official documents it is main responsibilities are to “expose the terrorist nature of the hypocrites [Pejorative name used by the regime for MEK, strives to have MEK members leave the organization, orchestrate media campaigns against MEK, ‌ and organize seminars, conferences, and expositions against MEK”;

In addition, one other main goal of the “Nejat Society” is to exert pressure by whatever means, including making direct threats against the families of the MEK members, in order to force them to cooperate and spread lies and misinformation about their own loved ones and the MEK. Since joining the MOIS, Ebrahim Khodabandeh has actively participated in interrogation of tortured prisoners, identifying and exposing the members of the resistance, intimidating and menacing of the families of the MEK members, and negative campaigning against MEK and its members. The MOIS dispatched Khodabandeh along with his brother and his sister in law to Iraq to lead a psychological warfare and a demonization campaign against the MEK as a prelude for lethal attacks on their camps, Ashraf and Liberty;

A research report on the MOIS by the US Library of Congress commissioned by the Pentagon, clearly identifies Ebrahim Khodabandeh and his brother Massoud and his wife Ann Singleton as agents of the MOIS;

Involved In:
Agent of the Iranian regime


Tehran, Iran

Reason for the color:
» Who is Ebrahim Khodabandeh?;

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