Shatel Critical of TCI for not Lowering Internet Prices

(Translated to English from “” published on July 26, 2017) – Ahmet Nakhjawani, CEO of the Shuttle Group, assessed the process of evaluating and ranking the operators of the country positively and said: We need to help the regulatory and radiocommunication organization in the following years to improve this.

He said in the report this morning, pointing to Shuttle’s selection as the premier provider of ADSL services at the fourth FAO National Film Festival in a number of consecutive years, he added: “We have a note about the evaluation model on how to choose the best operator,” he said. The breath is right.

Nakhjawani said: “Regulators and Radiocommunication Regulators are expected to increase operators’ ratings in the coming years, increasing the quality of ratings and announcing their feedback to improve the evaluation situation.”

According to him, there are currently more than 800 human resources and 1,500 provincial representation agents for the provision of broadband services, VoIP, network integration, access, and bandwidth services at Shuttle.

Nakhjawani pointed to the presence of Shuttle in 28 provinces of the country, saying the number of shuttle users reaches 600 thousand by the end of the spring, and among the PAP companies, we have the largest share of the market, and we are the most spending bandwagon.

He added: “Since the beginning of June, shuttle services and services are available 24 hours a day, and are sold to all applicants at any time of the day, whether the technical support services of the company for nearly 10 years are in all 24-hour provinces of the country.”

At the meeting in response to a question about the fate of PAP licenses, Mohammad Hassan Shaneh Zazadeh, chairman of the Shuttle Board, said: “We are asking for regulatory approval and asking for regulatory approval to allow new protocols to allow pilots to operate on licensed technologies, as well as Prior to the issuance of the Prunea, they set their curses as mobile operators.

He said about the implementation of the 181 regulatory committee to reduce regulatory tariffs: tariff cuts were approved by the commission and the law that must be enforced and not implemented by anyone. Unfortunately, after a few months, telecoms still have this price cut in tariffs. She has not done anything.

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