“What is the role of IFIC in establishing confidence within the global market in order to attract foreign investment? As the main body for investing abroad on behalf of the government, IFIC has a big responsibility to strengthen the international economic relations of Iran. IFIC is now present on five continents, and we have investments in 22 countries. The first way we attract foreign investors to Iran is through foreign investments, as per our mandate and primary responsibility. When we carry out these investments abroad, we become part of the international network,creating an atmosphere of trust and indirectly inviting interested parties to come to Iran. We also have investments in private equities and stock markets around the world. We own shares in important companies such as British Petroleum, ThyssenKrupp, Siemens, Adidas, and many other big brands. Although IFIC is not allowed to invest in Iran on its own, we can also attract foreign investments by coinvesting with foreign investors inside Iran through our subsidiaries. Our presence in any domestic project is a source of comfort for foreign investors to freely come to Iran.”ifmat - Ific shares around the world
Source: / thebusinessyear / Iran 2016 /