The Iranian regime continues to surprise the Iranian people with new subjects that run counter to its behavior and nature. Recently, they created a website called the ‘Whistleblower.’ This act has prompted public fury and received people’s mocking.

As this website explains, its purpose is to help the regime capture corrupt people and prevent the spread of corruption in the country with the help of the Iranian people acting as whistleblowers, a term this website defines as “someone who exposes corruption in public, or private sector.”

Apparently, this seems to be the first achievement of the regime after its supreme leader Ali Khamenei named this year “the year of knowledge-based growth.”

In today’s civilized world, every country unveils and announces its achievements in the best possible manner. The Iranian regime, however, does everything diametrically opposed to everything the civilized stands for. Around the world, launching a system of scientific and medical achievements, engineering and technological advances, economic prosperity, and the like are at the forefront of everything and are presented as a masterpiece.

However, the primary source of corruption, misery, and backwardness, a website like Whistleblower is becoming the leading agent of progress in Iran, ruled by the mullahs. However, its launch has left people questioning its purpose. The regime lists people they consider untouchable, so these people are likely to be protected from any reports naming them. It is also likely that anyone reporting against these people will face the regime’s justice, like arbitrary killing, forced disappearance, torture, etc.
Quoting Davoud Manzour, the regime’s head of the Tax Administration, the state-run daily Setareh-e Sobh wrote, “Reporting tax evasion and corruption is provided in a completely safe environment for people in the ‘whistle blower’ system.”

He tried to assure that people would not suffer from the consequences of exposing corruption, saying, “The reporter does not need to introduce himself. No one has access to the registered information except my trusted people.”

Obviously, it would be one should not have any doubt that the Iranian people in no way trust officials of a regime that is corrupt to the core and do not view such assurances as being credible.

The truth is that the biggest thief is the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei and its office. The heads of the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) are also among the most corrupt officials, as is the Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, who was an IRGC commander. . The revelation of an audiotape some time ago, which highlighted rampant corruption within the IRGC, attests to this reality.

There is hardly any regime official not tainted with corruption. In virtually every protest, one of the most prevalent chants is “one less embezzlement, and all our problems will be solved.” Corruption and abuse of power in Iran today are systematic, institutional, and structural. Corruption has taken root in all levels of the regime, and without it, the religious dictatorship cannot function. In essence, crime is in the DNA of the theocracy and its officials.

This reality makes it palpably clear that setting up this website is for propaganda purposes and is an insult to the people struggling for a living and survival.

Source » irannewsupdate