(2012 – Rafiqdoost: Authority over the Mostazafan Foundation’s Property is in the Hands of the Supreme Leader – Translate to English from aftabnews.ir)

In an interview with IPSAND, he described the economic activities of the Mostazafan Foundation and said that the property of the foundation is in the hands of the supreme leader.

-Some say the foundation has 30 percent economic activity in the country ….
I do not think that there are three in a thousand.

-What areas now focus more on? How much do you know the workflow of the country?
I do not know. A few hundred thousand billion. Foundation Just a while ago, when we had the so-called assembly, 9,700 billion tomans were in circulation for one year.

Is it profitable longer?
Yes. There is also very little profit.

Which sectors invest more now?
The Foundation is practically going to places like Irancell, for example. The power plant is where the government requests. Or they still take the free project of the Tehran-Shahr project with the government.

Why do they take a ship?
Because it has changed a lot, two first and last phases are one and four, Phase 2 and three are also difficult …

Chinese are still there?
Yes. They are.

How do other economic activities?
I do not have a thorough knowledge of what is happening. It is almost the most important work that is not done by people. In economic relations outside Iran, for example, the private sector may not be able to act because of sanctions … I did not see working abroad. I am a member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. I have not seen my work abroad. investments Works with overseas construction work.

Joint development project?
Yes. In Pakistan, or in Africa or Venezuela, the foundation goes and participates like the rest. They do not have a ban. The rest are going From other countries. But to invest, for example, overseas. It does not invest in Iran.

What does her income cost? Is the foundation’s profit to the oppressed?
A major part of it is the debate on deprivation. So these numbers and revenues are low ….700-800 thousand
It does not look like that … Soon, the Foundation’s returns may be higher. Because there are so many great things to do.

The main winners or owners of the foundation still count or not?

Is that really?
Yes. Well, you’re going to give people a share of equity like equity …

What do you think of yourself? If that was not clearer?
Firstly, it has done almost all of the places that it has and would have done. That is, Sina Bank, now the fund’s share in this bank is below 30%. Sina Insurance. One of the factories has sold it shares and shares it, it does. But even for example, the plants that are under construction are in the program to transfer their shares to people. But the high ranking official is the lead decision maker. The shares that they give up will get the money in return. Give free Anyway, it has a property fund. Who are the fund’s assets? People who do not share? It’s the people’s possessions. If it is owned by people, the stock can not be … look. We have two discussions in the country. We have a government discussion. We have a government debate. Right now I ask you. Where are they going to smuggle? You know? The end is sold in the market no longer ….. It does not take the government.

Who are they to give?
He gives his money wherever he commands. Because the property of Blahvarat, Blahmalak and suspect al-Malik are all in the hands of the Islamic system. It’s the ruler who says what to do. For several years now, in our country, with the help of Mr. Qareati, one of the closed decrees of Islam was revived, namely Zakat.

Now talk about the foundation.
Allow. What do these zakat do? They order that they are under the auspices of the Relief Committee where they are paying Zakat. That’s the law too. No matter where people are needed, they need to be there. The foundation is also a property of the state. That is, not the state. Not the people of the nation, not the person of the gentleman. It is the property of the government. The authority of the property of the government is like the property of smuggling and suspicious property of al-Malik to the supreme leader. They order them.

In countries like Syria and Palestine that have Iranian interests abroad … that is, the activities of the foundation to help the government of Bashar al-Assad …

There is no foundation at all. The Foundation is not outside Iran. The government of Iran. Yes, when we won the same victory of the revolution and the liberation of Khorramshahr and the occupation of Lebanon, and we went to Lebanon, I was one of its principal officials. When Imam realized that he was returning and staying for those who would have to stay and teach the Lebanese. Yes. Hezbollah is found from the Guards. Although now he has separated himself from us and in the world perhaps one of the most famous people in the Arab world. Yes, yes, it gives the aid, but a foundation that is not at all in this world. But there are many missions inside the country. When I was the founder of the Foundation, the gentlemen said that they were going to school in the deprived areas. There is a place called BRAVATH. A region in which I went there, I built an educational complex in the four squares and Bakhtiari. With dormitory With teacher’s house.

Why do not these works for somewhere like Sistan, Chabahar and …?
It can be. A few days ago, when we were there, I did not believe that the Islamic Republic still had an impostor. You did not see it before. See if you had seen the 58th year, and you’ve seen it now that I think it’s about to come from the surrounding villages. The villages are around Shahri Rabat. If we give all the slogans that we have given, we all act. We acted as part of them. It is part of it. When it became a revolution, in our country, which at that time said that 65 thousand people, now say 90 thousand villages, 3 thousand to the village of Khan. When we say that the village of 5 households also has electricity, the Islamic Republic has gone and swept a lot of places where nobody thought about it. That is, if he did not have electricity, he did not want a fridge, vacuum cleaner, fan and … he did not want to. So it worked so much. All the governments have done. From the beginning of the revolution. Everyone has served to the extent that they have been able to. But there are a lot of things left. A lot of things.

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