Arvandan shipbuilding company builds high-speed patrol boats for the government of Iran

Arvandan Shipbuilding Co. (Iran) starts construction of 22 high-speed patrol boats ordered by state administration of Khuzistan province, IRNA reports according to IA REGNUM. Contract value amounts to $60 million. French company ОСЕА participates in construction. The design of the boats has been registered at French classification bureau – Bureau Veritas (BV). The head boat is to be built before March 21, 2005. The boats’ characteristics: length – 19.8 m; breadth – 4.9 m; depth – 2.8 m, draft – 1.4 m; power unit output – 2* 746 kWt; loaded speed – 33 knots; fuel tank capacity – 5600 l; water tank capacity – 700 l; crew – 7 persons. The boats are to patrol sea coast of the Persian Gulf within the limits of Khuzistan province.

Source » portnews

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