Behgozin Brokerage is owned and controlled by the Supreme Leader

According to “”, Behgozin Brokerage is controlled by entities that are owned by the Supreme Leader. According to “howtoinvestiniran”, shareholders of Behgozin Brokerage are:
1. Iran Amlah (Owned by Tamin Investment Company)
2. Gol-E-Gohar (Owned by Sepah Investment Company)
3. Gharb Cement (Owned by Fars and Khozestan Cement Company)
4. Kerman Cement (Owned by Natural Person)
5. Rishmac Prod.&EXP (Owned by Tadbir Invesmtnet Co.)
6. Sabet Khorasan (Owned by National Investment Company of Iran and Salim Investment Company)
7. Atye Damavand (Owned by Industry and Mine Investment Company)
8. Kayson (Owned by Farasar Company)
9. Behesht Pars Company (Owned by Natural Person)

Rishmac Prod.&EXP is owned by Tadbir Investment Company. Tadbir Investment Company is owned by Tadbir Group, an investment company subordinate to EIKO, manages billions of dollars in investments, including on behalf of Iranian leadership figures. Tadbir Group is one of the main holding companies belonging to EIKO.

ifmat - Behgozin Brokerage Shareholders

Shareholders of Behgozin Brokerage

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