Manufacturing IrAn-140 passenger plane with Ukrainian cooperation.
Designing and manufacturing parachute recovery system for Ababil drone.
Manufacturing Shahed-278 helicopter
Manufacturing Zafar-300 helicopter
Manufacturing Shahed-274 helicopter
Manufacturing Shahed-285 helicopter
Manufacturing Dorna training aircraft
Manufacturing Karrar UCAV
Manufacturing propeller with composite materials
Hovercraft repairs
Manufacturing parts
Manufacturing Azarakhsh fighter jet
Manufacturing Saeqeh fighter jet
Developing Shafaq Light Trainer/Light Attack/Light Fighter
Developing Sofreh Mahi
Simorgh: The Simorgh (هواپيماي سيمرغ) is a HESA-built two-seat Northrop F-5A to F-5B conversion. It was first flown in Iran Kish Air Show 2005, and two have been built.