Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries “HESA” of Isfahan, located in a vast land from which about 250,000 square meters are allocated for design & engineering centers , manufacturing & assembely workshops, laboratories and hangers . Having experienced personnel highly qualified technician, experts, well educated engineers; holding B.S, M.S, PHD. degrees, has granted this company an outstanding rank among the aircraft and part manufacturers and designers.

In addition to various and magnificent activities that was mentioned in the field of design, engineering (A/C or R.PV) and manufacturing, reverse engineering, part fabrications, the main activity is production of IRAN140, a 52 seat regional airplane, which is made through a joint venture project with Ukrain.

HESA, founded in 1964,now is responsible for the designing and manufacturing of the first Iranian made commercial plane. In an international tender , in 1978 it was handed over to an American company (Bell- Textron), and after the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the company was only % 11 completed.

No partial measure was taken to complete the plant up until 1985. When construction work got off the ground again in 1986, the plant manufactured its first UAV (ABABIL). Construction of the company came to an end in 1995 and the plant was fully ready for manufacturing IRAN-140 civil aircraft.

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