Lubrication is defined as the science to facilitate the relative motion of contacting surfaces. It traces back to the time before emergence of wheel and using its rotation round an axle to create a free motion.
Behran Oil Company was registered at the Companies Registration office of Tehran in 1962 with a capital of 225 million rials as Oil Production and Refining Company (Joint Stock) No. 10844. The company used to supply its products to market bearing the logo of ESSO and the trademarks of an American company called EXXON. Following cutting off relations with America, the Iranian workers took over the control of the company and Islamic Revolution Mostazafan and Veterans Foundation owned all the stocks of EXXON Company, which was 25 percent of all the stocks of the company.
The name of the company was changed into Tehran Oil Refining Company (Joint Stock) since September 2, 1984. According to the Minute of the General Assembly dated April 23, 1991, the company was renamed as Behran Oil Company (Joint Stock).
Behran Oil Company Refinery was put into operation in 1968 by producing 30 thousand tons of oil per year. In 1989, production capacity reached 105 thousand tons of oil, 3 thousand tons of paraffin, and 1500 tons of anti-freezes.
According to the statute, the company is active in production, distribution, and sales of different types of industrial engine oils, anti-freeze, paraffin, and wax.
In 1993, development plan of Dewaxing Unit was implemented.
In 1994, 3-Thousand Ton Quality Paraffin Wax Production Unit was put into operation.
In 2001, the company was permitted to increase production of anti-freeze and oil to 10 thousand ton and 150 thousand, respectively. Late March 2000, ISO 9001 Standard Certificate was issued by SGS YARSLEY International Certification Licensing Organization for all the products of Behran Oil Company.
In 2008, the company was granted Environment Certificate (ISO 140001) issued by TUV NORD Company.
In April 2011, Behran Oil Company was granted Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) by TUV NORD.
Behran Oil Company is also implementing requirements of ISO/TS 16949 Standard to receive the Certificate.

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