In reality, Iran’s area of influence is not limited to its region. Over the past decade, it has launched operations and criminal activities either through Hezbollah or its own agents, around the globe, including in Latin America. Iran’s footprint enlarges beyond Latin America into the rest of the world. Iran through the Quds Force and its own terrorist operatives, pursued various plots against Israeli and American targets around the globe.

As an illustration, on 22 November 2020, Hussein Salami, the IRGC Chief Commander Emphasizing that Basij thinking has no geographical limitations and said: “Today, the erosive power of the Islamic Revolution has removed America from its strategic base. Today, the Basij discourse has spread in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Latin America, and parts of Africa.”

Fraudulently, the destructive presence of the Iranian regime in Latin America is to propagating regional influence, fueling rebellious activities and triggering its dark or inactive cells inside the soil of the US. However, there is significant dispute inside and outside the U.S. government about the level and character of Iran’s activities.

Alas, in some occasions, the shortage of knowledge of the US Pentagon, DIA, CIA , DHS and FBI put the US intelligence community in darkness to control the crisis effectively. Occasionally, under such circumstances, the US authorities denounce the Quds Forces of the Iranian regime for meddling in the backyard of America. professionally, the US intelligence tries to monitor the Terror Threat and Iran’s inroads in Latin America, but there are numerous remaining fallacies and weak points.

apparently, through Venezuela, Iran has been escalating its presence in Latin America. not only their goal is merely “ensuring the survival of Nicolas Maduro‘s regime” but also the objectives of Iran are to be present in the region, the Western Hemisphere.

The US intelligence community knows pretty well that The Mullah’s regime in Tehran is a supporter and close ally of Maduro. regrettably and erroneously, the U.S. Senior officials neglected the cooperation, cultivated close ties, mutual projects, similar anti-American ideology and close ties between Iran and Venezuela for many years.

Nowadays, Venezuela is the second Lebanon for Iran and its Transnational Terrorist Network. though, Soleimani and IRGC-QF led the criminal and Terrorist Proxies in Iran that for years caused continual pain and struggle to his people and destabilized the Middle East.

Moreover, Iran and Hezbollah have repeatedly attempted to engage in transnational relationships with transnational organized criminal groups in Latin America. This phenomenon is familiar for CIA, DIA, DHS and FBI as well. They are aware after the announcement of “Axis of Evil” that Iran was in the center of that Axis!

If truth be told, it was the plan of Qasem Soleimani and his Quds Forces to threaten America from its backyard. This strategy is similar to the shaping of Hezbollah in the backyard of Israel, back to 1980s and the emergence of Khomeini.

After the 1979 ousting of the Late Shah, an honest U.S. ally in the Middle East, The USA faced a Shia religious octopus. Dramatically, in that moment, because of any reason or the lack of coherency in the intelligence community, CIA and DIA could not imagine and did not have a concern about the reality of transnational terrorist network in the region and the influence of KGB.

Incongruously, at the present time, the CIA-DIA-FBI-DHS has little knowledge about the presence of personnel from Iran’s elite IRGC Quds Force and its network in the backyard of the USA. This is a critical issue. Creeping into America’s backyard is the main strategy of thugs in IRGC-QF.

Alarmingly, it’s no time to have another blunder. during the 1990s the US intelligence could not realize the appearance of a satanic triangle in Sudan, the alliance of Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and IRGC, which leads to 9/11.

Remarkably, the terrorist organization of Quds Force has the same mission. The plan and the job for the IRGCQF, is to establish itself in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Columbia, Mexico, Uruguay, and Bolivia and elsewhere in Latin America through covert operations. Most importantly, after Soleimani and Hejazi, there is no Ecdysis in Quds Force! In reality, it’s a potential terrorist threat in the backyard of The USA.

Nowadays, that mentioned alliance crime-terror network in Venezuela has facilitated and expedited Iran’s cooperation with the Maduro regime. It is interesting to know that The terrorist network of a satanic triangle — the alliance of Hezbollah, Al Qaeda and IRGC is still active today and has moved from the Middle East to Latin America and the backyard of the US.

The United States has vital political, economic, and security interests in the Western Hemisphere. Therefore, the USA must ramp up regional counter-terrorism collaboration to control this issue, the reckless and audacious IRGC-QF terrorist plots. Iran is working hard to revive anti-U.S. Operations in Latin America.

Based on DIA report:”The IRGC’s Qods Force stations operatives in foreign embassies, charities, and religious and cultural institutions to foster relationships, often building on existing socioeconomic ties with the well established Shia Diaspora, and recent years have witnessed an increased presence in Latin America“. and CIA added: ” The IRGC and Quds Force are behind some of the deadliest terrorist attacks of the past three decades in the Hemisphere such as the 1994 attack on the AMIA Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires” so, the US Intelligence community are aware and careful about this unthinkable phenomenon and new aggressive threat.

Most importantly, Iranian embassies in Latin America hosting MOIS and IRGC Intelligence Organization officials, alliances between South American regimes and the IRGC-QF and its proxy, and attempts by the IRGC-QF to work through criminal cartels to conduct significant attacks are all ignored by the US Intelligence community. As well, terrorists and insurgents increasingly are turning to crime and criminal networks for funding and logistics.

The most notable point is, throughout the years, this satanic triangle has morphed from merely a terrorist network to a huge transnational terrorist network. Admittedly, these transnational organizations are a large part of the hybrid threat for the USA.

While it is important to note that the mullahs go such far away distance to South America for a new game, to gathering some support for its policies in nuclear proliferation, to influence in Latin America and framing the operational environment.

Without any ambiguity regarding this sensitive subject, Tehran’s intent in sending two Iranian naval vessels and warships in the direction of the Western Hemisphere and the mere presence in America’s backyard is endorsing its military presence and intelligence base outside the soil of USA.

The US Intelligence Community need more sensitive intelligence information. particularly, the main goal of this provocative move for IRGC-QF is activating the dark or inactive cells inside the soil of the USA.

To understand Iran’s strategic penetration of Latin America, it is important to know that, the terrorist-loving mullahs like to inflaming the chaos, rising the tensions and creating atrocities. Because of its secrecy and sensitive military nature, Iran IRGC-QF wants to target its adversary, the United States, from a seat of power in Latin America.

In this insightful situation, the U.S. national security community should be vigilant that only the monitoring of vessels whose ultimate destination is Venezuela cannot solve the issue properly.

In summation, the main dynamic is to instructs its agents, to carry out terrorist and criminal activities in ambiguous and complex operational environments and then to open a space for its terrorist activities close to U.S. coasts.

With such knowledge, why President Joe Biden’s decision to re-open negotiations with Mullahs can be rational: President Biden has this knowledge that North Korea, Syria and Iran are in the orbit of China and Russia to confronting the USA. Without any necessitate to read the complex history, the enmity toward Israel and the USA is the policy of outlaw Mullah’s regime and their destructive Ideology, which is khomeinism!

Source » timesofisrael