Pars Arian Investment Company (Public Joint Stock Company) is the first pillar of the creation of the Pasargad Group of Financial Institutions with the aim of establishing and managing the process of forming one of the largest financial and economic groups of the country through attracting public funds and the private sector and employing them in diverse activities. The most successful economy with the aspiration to move towards the rise of Islamic Iran was formed in July 2005 and now it has become one of the largest and most reliable holding companies in the private sector in Iran.

Establishing an investment or participating in the establishment of banks, insurance companies, financial and credit institutions, brokerage firms, leasing companies, financial services companies and other similar activities
Investing in the purchase, sale, management, acquisition, establishment, development, completion, assignment and lease of a variety of factories and units and companies active in manufacturing sectors, including industrial and mineral, agriculture, construction inside and outside From the country
Perform transactions in all stocks and securities in accordance with the rules
Providing economic, technical, financial, management, and overseeing the implementation of investment projects and all economic activities and the creation of companies.
Conducting domestic and foreign trading transactions, and importing and exporting all authorized goods
To conduct studies and economic, technical, financial and management studies

Company vision

The Pars Arian Investment Company is the largest, most credible, and most productive Middle East financial and economic holding, and has a well-positioned position among the world’s top economic-financial holdings.

Mission of the company

The Pars Arian Investment Company, with the management and synergy of the value chain of the products and services of the Pasargad Group, will boost and steer the activities of the Pasargad Bank, and will, with the safeguarding and enhancement of its strategic interests, increase the social responsibility of the group.

The company’s grand goals

Ranked among the top five companies in the country (ranking 100 IMI)
The most economical and financial holding of the country with the most comprehensive value chain of products and services
Creation of synergy among Pasargad Financial Group companies in order to maximize economic returns with a priority for Pasargad Bank’s services and products chain.
Establishment and management of the country’s largest capital company
Effective presence in international financial markets

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