Following the announcement of Hassan Rouhani’s support for IRGC missile attack to Deirazor, Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi, the intelligence minister said: “The decision to launch missile attack on Syria” was taken at the Supreme Council of Security and Rouhani, as head of the Security Council ordered armed forces to go ahead with the plan. It was approved by the top officials of the system. Alavi also emphasized the role of the Ministry of Information in providing intelligence to IRGC in connection with the attack.

On the other hand, following Alavi’s statements, IRGC issued a statement that allegedly rejected the claims of the Minister of Intelligence. The IRGC statement stresses: “All stages of identification and gathering of information in the Deirazor area were performed only by field forces of IRGC, Qods Force”. IRGC’s statement stressed, “the missile operation was discussed and carried out in the military hierarchy and in coordination with the headquarters of the armed forces under the command of the commander-in-chief”.

As the witnesses from Deirazor are narrating, the IRGC missiles hit homes of innocent people, the regime’s president said that the missile response to ISIS was very much timely. Regime’s TV reported: “The president emphasized that any abuses would be answered with a much more decisive response during a fasting banquet with, so called, scholars and clerics, saying that the IRGC’s missile response to ISIS was very appropriate”.

According to a report by Khamenei’s faction “Kayhan” on June 21, 2017, Rouhani added: “The action taken by IRGC to prepare the missile and launch, is not a decision of an individual or a military pillar, but such decisions are taken at the Supreme National Security Council, while The Supreme National Security Council gave power to the armed forces after the terrorist incident in Tehran to respond to the terrorists, which was much earlier than the recent move”.

In addition to Rouhani, his government spokesman also came to the scene to announce the support of the IRGC and its missile attack, stating: “The response given by the Armed Forces and IRGC to the terrorists is a symbol of Iran’s national authority”. Nobakht said the government supports all the activities of IRGC and the armed forces and does not have any restrictions to strengthen the country’s defense base. He added: ”We think that our defenses and the strengthening of our defense cannot be negotiated and be flexible with any extraordinary foreign governments, especially the trickster Americans, that have been shown, all their work on human rights, democracy and siding with Saudi Arabia and supporting the reactionary governments of the region is a lie and deception”.

In response to the recent events, IRGC affiliated newspaper “Javan”, referring to the recent sanctions imposed by the US Senate, and attacking Hassan Rouhani wrote: “Now we have the right to say, that when, elected 12th president during his election campaign and debates loudly stated:The military forces should seek their military duty, and if they want to do business, their business should be transparent, that was a kind of pointing targets for enemy to boycott IRGC. It was shooting at your own foot. What the US Senate is doing with this plan, is marginalizing IRGC’s activities”.

Source » ncr-iran