Tappico owns Petro Sina Arya

Petrocina with the aim of carrying out technical and engineering projects, implementation of construction and installation operations, pre-commissioning and commissioning of projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and other industries, through the use of directors, senior experts and specialists Experienced and experienced in the oil and petrochemical industries with equipment and machinery and equipped with advanced workshops as well as technology in the field of software, manufacturing, procurement and supply of equipment and machinery units of oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Other industries and the provision of maintenance services, major repairs, periodicals and cases, carry out any Tax preparation business and economic activity have emerged. The company, with the participation of Abadan Petrochemical Company (90 percent), Farabi Petrochemical Company (6 percent) and Polyaka Novin (4 percent) were established in 2004.

Since the latest technology in various industrial fields combined with new and mechanized phenomena is used in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, the company has access to specialized human resources and advanced equipment and devices with the help of other Specialist group members are able to meet the needs of the petrochemical industry and other industries in the country.

Areas of work

– Oil, gas and petrochemical industries: technical and engineering services, construction and installation operations, pre-commissioning and commissioning of projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and other industries, construction and supply of equipment for oil, gas and petrochemical industries, and Other industries and major repairs, periodicals and cases
– Building area
– Material supply for Holding companies and other industries

Fields of activity of the company
With 6 management in technical, engineering, executive, commercial, planning and management information, financial and human resources, the company is able to implement large industrial projects from the start, and in the end with the installation and It also carried out all maintenance and repair activities in the field of civic, mechanical, electrical and precision instruments.
Operation of engineering, construction, installation, and everyday, everyday, emergency and basic engineering activities is under the supervision of engineering and engineering management. In general, Petrocina can be distinguished in the operations sector in two ways: implementation of industrial projects and repair operations. The company is also able to supply the goods and items needed in the petrochemical industry by its trading unit.

Mission and vision
The mission of Petrosina is to provide engineering services, build and manage projects to improve people’s lives. Also, in the company’s vision program, achieving the highest standard of public contracting in a region with global competitiveness, financial strength, knowledge and technology will be the most important aspects of the superiority of Petrosina’s balanced excellence.

Petrocina Company Values
Superior quality and customer satisfaction
Creating an environment suitable for work with honesty, hard work, development of individual abilities and attention to the lives of employees
Health and safety work
Attention to the environment
Healthy Competition and Pabindy to Professional Ethics

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