There are one hundred thousand missiles in Lebanon, chief commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Hossein Salami Tuesday told a gathering of thousands of Basij militia.

In a speech in Tehran Salami said that Lebanon’s “Hezbollah youth have their fingers on triggers” and their leader Hassan Nasrallah with “determination is standing against the Zionists.”

According to IRGC-linked Fars website, Salami speaking to 6,000 Basij members on the occasion of the religious month of Muharram and the approaching Shiite holy day of Ashura, praised the voice “of Islamic resistance” from Lebanon and Syria to Yemen, including “around the artificial borders of the Zionist regime.”

The Islamic Republic uses the term “resistance” to refer to its proxy groups throughout the Middle East. Salami in his speech, however, went further telling the paramilitary Basij that they are past of a “global” Islamic resistance force.

He went on to praise Islamic Republic’s offensive operations in the region, mentioning confrontations at sea, “firing missiles at the enemy’s bases”, capturing enemy vessels as examples of “Islam’s power”.

Iranian proxy militias in Iraq and Syria have repeatedly attacked US bases with rockets and drones in recent years, and the IRGC has seized commercial vessels in the Persian Gulf.

The IRGC commander claiming that the enemy, meaning the United States, has been defeated, said that now it tries to win in a war of propaganda in cyberspace.
He was referring to anti-regime content by activists and ordinary Iranians on social media, which authorities cannot stop and blame on the US.

Source » iranintl