The state-run media reported that 5 members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Basij, including a “terrorist Qods force”, were killed in Syria.

The state-run media, Defa Press affiliated with the General Staff of the Armed Forces reported on Wednesday, August 9, 2017, “5 Defenders of Shrine that were sent to defend the sanctities were killed in Syria.”

Defa Press has listed the 5 people as the members of the IRGC. According to this media, the Chief Commander Morteza Hosseinpour, who was also the member of the IRGC Force in Gilan Province (North of Iran), lost his life during a missionary operation in Tadmur, Syria.

Mohammad Tajbakhsh from Khuzestan ( Southern part of Iran), Ali Azimi from Kerman, the guards of 38th Zolfaghar Brigade, Mohammad Alipour as one of the guards of Isfahan, and some retired forces of the IRGC were killed in Syria.

Mohsen Hojaji was killed while fighting against the Hashad Shabi militants near the Syria border with Iraq on Saturday, August 8, 2017. He was from Isfahan and also the member of the 5th Armored Division.

A commander of Iraqi Shiite militia called the U.S. as the responsible state, stating that 7 members of the IRGC were killed during this attack.

According to the unofficial statistics, more than 10 commanders and thousands of the IRGC forces have been killed during the war in Syria.

Source » ncr-iran