The US and Iran are making slow but steady progress in returning to the nuclear deal, which would relieve Iran of billions of dollars worth of sanctions in exchange for limitations on its nuclear program.

Despite US warnings to Tehran not to transfer them, hundreds of Iranian drones that may be used in Russia’s conflict with Ukraine have been procured, according to Western intelligence sources.

The alleged cargo is a warning from opponents of the ongoing talks for Iran to restore its adherence to the 2015 nuclear deal that the United States withdrew from in 2018.

The easing of sanctions on Tehran, according to agreement opponents, might allow Russia to escalate its military campaign in Ukraine and evade the consequences of the sanctions put in place following the invasion in February.

Iranian demands for the International Atomic Energy Agency to end its probe into potential safety violations are another cause for alarm. Israel and other agreement skeptics are concerned that even if Iran continues to obstruct its inspectors, the IAEA may be forced to end the investigation.

Even if the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) remain on the US list of foreign terrorist organizations, experts are concerned about the possibility that they may profit from international contracts.

It runs a sizable number of firms under US sanctions, which can also penalize international corporations for doing business with them.

Iran wants the rule that forces businesses to make sure that any investments they make in Iran are not with organizations under the supervision of the Revolutionary Guards removed.

Source » iranbriefing