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Foundation of Cooperative Corps

The IRGC’s Cooperative Foundation was established in 1988 and one of the most important managers of this foundation in the 70’s can be named Akbar Ghamkhavar and Mohsen Rafiq Doost, who was 67 to 74 chairman of the board of directors of the IRGC co-operative and Akbar Ghamkavard, It was the foundation.

Members of the current board of directors of the Sepah Cooperative Foundation: Mr. Ali Akbar Ahmadian Asghar Saleh Esfahani Jamal Abroumand Mohammad Jawadzadeh Kameed Issa Sharifi Mr. Ali Akbar Ahmadian to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Asghar Saleh Isfahani to the Director and Head of the Board of Directors and the Deputy Chairman of the Foundation Mr Ali Haji Bagheri

In the Institute of Savings and Housing Fund of Ansar al-Mujahidin (Ansar Financial Institution) affiliated to the IRGC Cooperative Foundation, which Mahmoud Rahnama addressed to the Managing Director of Imam Hossein Abbasi to the Deputy Governor of Asghar Saboori as Chairman of the Board, Mahmoud Rahnama as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Amir Hossein Abbasi as a member of the board of directors, Asghar Saleh Isfahani as a member of the board of directors, Baha’addin Hosseini Hashemi (former managing director of Saderat Bank) as a member of the board, Mohammad Ali Shayestenia as a member of the board of directors and Ayatollah Ebrahimi as a member of the board of directors

Sub-collections of this Foundation:
Al Ghadir Institute

The Revolutionary Guards Corps now holds 45% stake in Avalon Group and 4% stake in Saipa Group and 25% stake in Kermanshah Petrochemicals. The foundation is also very active on the stock exchange, and shares in some bourse companies, such as Bama, have 17%.

Iran Atlas Iran Iranian joint stock company Shahabran Mineral industrial warnings Iranian Fertilizer Industry company is one of the other companies that it owns.

Companies affiliated to the IRGC Cooperative Foundation, which holds up to 100% of the shares owned by the IRGC Cooperative Foundation.
– Lightweight Prefabricated Structural Counselors Engineers
– Zagros steel
– Jahad-Holding Companies in 20 provinces of the country
– Petrochemical Industries of Kermanshah
– Shadab Khorasan Crop Industry & Industry Co.
– Bashestan Kish Company
– Samen Al-Amam Cultural Service Institute, Alaleh Kabood Kavir Company
– Shahab Stone mineral industries
– Raidan Kamil Consultative Services Business Services Institute
– Environmental Thinking and Civil Society
– Nasr Gostar Wave Telecommunication Company
– Engineering for the development of steers
– Smelting company in Isfahan
– Sepahan House Complex Complex
– Food stuffs of Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari toast
– PARS Air Service Company
– Wizard Company
– Food industry
– Baharan Co.
– Engineering for the development of steers
– Combat house building
– Bahman promise
– Optimized Engineer Engineering
– Iran’s commercial and industrial company Atlas Kish
– Kowrshan Institute
– The Institute’s Inspectorate’s Covenant The Strategic Guidance for Policy Planning and Planning for Small and Large-Scale Projects and Projects related to the Sepah Foundation’s Subsidiary Companies and Headquarters Supervisory Offices Implementing Plans and Programs and Providing Financial and Administrative Technical Advice to the Undertakings of the IRGC Cooperative Foundation It is responsible for.

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