The latest drone strike on the al-Tanf air base in southern Syria is directly the fault of Iranian IRGC forces and militias, experts claimed, despite its attempts to shift blame to other parties.

On August 15, US forces destroyed two drones that were aiming toward the al-Tanf outpost in the tri-border region between Syria, Jordan, and Iraq. There were no damages or injuries because of the attack.

Later investigations revealed that the Iranian Samad class drones, which were identified as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), had been used, had been launched from the Jurf al-Sakhr complex in the province of Babil, south of Baghdad.

The compound is a completely closed “military zone” that is under the supervision of Kataib Hizbullah, the major Iraqi affiliate of the Iranian IRGC.

Iranian affairs expert Fathi al-Sayed of the Middle East Centre for Regional and Strategic Studies claimed that the strike that was directed at the al-Tanf facility was a clear Iranian attack on a US military installation.

According to him, this shows that the IRGC wishes to keep inciting conflict in the Middle East to forward its goals and ambitions.

He said that this “is a ploy we have seen before from the IRGC” as they sought to obscure their involvement by attributing the attack to the Syrian rebels.

He stated that these evasions had already been utilized in Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen to avoid accountability for the [political or military] repercussions of the terrorist act they do.

He continued, saying that the shifting of responsibility reinforces the media’s claim that the strike was “an act of resistance by the Syrian people” against the West and its supporters.

This is just false, he continued, especially considering the US military’s and its regional partners’ significant contributions to the fight against ISIS and the liberation of the Syrian people.

Source » iranbriefing